Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pizza Hut, Citra 2 Complex - Jakarta

Cheese cheese cheese
BBQ chicken stuffed crust pizza

..that's what on my mind yesterday. I was craving cheese. So I took the boy with me to Pizza Hut, Citra 2 complex branch.

Ah maybe you'll find this post boring cause Pizza Hut's crazily popular, so I'll keep this one's short.

As usual we ordered the delight sensation for two (sensasi delight berdua) - IDR 45,454 ($5.05), which consists of one small pizza, one pasta, four slices of garlic bread, and two small coke.

Small Coke

I know the drink won't be enough cause the glass's so small, so I ordered a sunrise Italian soda.

Sunrise Italian soda (cream soda with mango syrup) - IDR 10,909 ($1.2)

It's surprisingly good, though it looks like thick milk mixed with mango syrup, which makes me skeptical at the first sight upon arrival. It's refreshing, not too milky and not too sweet either.

The first one to arrive was our fav appetizer, the garlic bread which was demolished in no time. I'd love the garlic butter to be thicker though.

Garlic bread

The pizza I chose is the BBQ chicken with cheese stuffed crust, which taste ordinary good but I was disappointed with the stuffed cheese cause it's too little and not melty.

And I always eat my pizza with heaps chilli sauce. I am Indonesian.

That was the first time I tried carbonara fusilli, whose cream is very smooth. I love the grated mozarella on top. Tasty tasty cheese.

Carbonara fusilli (baked fusilli with creamy cheese sauce, with slices of crab stick and fish cake)

But it's nothing compared to Roo's pepperoni cheese fusilli, which is amazingly tasty and salty. It has cheddar and mozarella, so melty cheese is aplenty on that plate. The taste is also much richer than my fusilli, and the pepperoni adds a welcome crunch. I will order that next time.

Pepperoni cheese fusilli (baked fusilli with creamy cheddar sauce and crunchy pepperoni) - IDR 31,818 ($3.5)

I reckon I'll be craving cheese again soon. Until we meet again, pepperoni cheese fusilli!

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Good pizza and pasta, very helpful service but can be over-friendly sometimes, good and cozy ambiance, price is OK.


Citra Garden 2 block J2
Kalideres, West Jakarta

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