Friday, 22 July 2011

PHD and Gian Pizza Delivery, Jakarta

I am a lazy girl
PHD jumbo pizza

but don't get me wrong, I love playing with food cooking. But in a scorching sunny noon and my mom's not home, I need a huge amount of motivation to go to grocery store and buy something to be cooked. So delivery is essential for me hehee.

I heart pizza. PHD is the usual delivery I choose, a delivery service from Pizza Hut. I usually order the jumbo meat lover, as the brother will absolutely devour half of it. With their '30 mins delivery guarantee', I always hope they deliver my pizza late, so I'll get the free pizza coupon hehee.

Meat lover jumbo

For some reason, the pizza bread from PHD delivery is thinner than the pizza bread you get when you dine at Pizza Hut restaurants. That's why I actually prefer PHD service than to dine at the restaurants, I love thin crust pizza so much.

And then, few days ago, I found another pizza restaurant called Gian Pizza. Curious, and for research purpose as well, I decided to try it. Delivery of course.

I ordered the medium pizza, with the topping half annesti and half Canadian (IDR 70,900 - $7.8).

The taste is pretty good, the topping is far thicker than PHD's pizza, although PHD's topping quality is still superior.

Medium pizza, half annesti half Canadian

The annesti pizza is better than the Canadian pizza, as the pepperoni slices are tasty and crunchy. The melted mozarella is also a bliss.

Annesti pizza - pepperoni, mushroom, onion, and mozarella cheese

The Canadian pizza has a lot of toppings, the beef burger slices are heaps, but more seasoning will do good.

Canadian pizza - smoked beef, beef burger, onion, capsicum, mozarella cheese

They say the pizza doesn't have oil on the crust, and I've proven it. No oil detected on the crust indeed. Even better, the crust is very crunchy, crunchier than PHD's pizza,  and I just love slightly charred crust.

If I've to choose, I'll still pick Pizza Hut (PHD), but if Gian can increase the quality of their pizzas, it's not impossible for them to give Pizza Hut a run for their money.

PHD delivery service
Phone: 500 600

Gian Pizza delivery service
Phone: 5695 6891
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  2. wah saya baru denger nih ada yang namanya gian pizza


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