Friday, 22 July 2011

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies [Recipe]

I love chewy cookies..

..and this recipe gives me exactly what I want. My perfect type of cookies are the ones with crunchy edges and chewy centres. I found the recipe from Chocolatesuze, which is sooo easy, even I can make it hehee.

I did put more caster sugar cause apparently my brown sugar is limited, I forgot to buy more. Do you think I put too much chocolate chips? Me think not lol.

Cookie dough yum

I used a new oven from the grandma, but I haven't figured out how to change the temperature and stuff so my first batch was really really burnt.

Ready-bake dough
My precious in the oven
Burnt noooooo~

The second batch was much better, the centre is amazingly chewy, and the edges are crunchy enough for me. Even my mom, who is kinda sweets hater, loves them.

 My mom thought they shouldn't be formed as balls but should be more flattened. We tried a batch of flattened cookies but I'd prefer them to be formed balls. I know they are kinda dark coloured eh? Yeaa some of them are kinda burnt, what a pity.

I love the cookies. They taste awesome, make a perfect afternoon munchies for me.

Oh I know it's winter in Sydney, but it's never ending sunny here in Indo so I'd love my cookies to be with ice cold orange juice thanks.

My cookies toweerr

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