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Mangga Dua Wholesale Complex, Jakarta

Mangga Dua shopping centre is one of Jakarta's landmarks.
Mangga Dua shopping centre

Why? Because it's a massive shopping centre in Jakarta. It's almost considered vain to visit Jakarta and not spend some money here hehee. There are four main buildings in Mangga Dua area: ITC Mangga Dua, Mangga Dua Mall, Mangga Dua Dusit, and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, which are all connected by a bridge (am I right?), or you can just walk across the street.

You can find almost anything at those buildings, but for me, the most popular one is ITC Mangga Dua, where clothes retails and wholesales are heaps. The shops occupy most area in the mall, so maybe you'll find it hard to walk when it's weekend. The place is almost always full of shopaholics, as the prices here are relatively cheap and easy to be bargained.

But no I'm not gonna talk about shopping, I'm talking about my fav place to eat here. Mangga Alang counter it is.

This place maybe isn't a perfect place to eat if you want heavy meals. Here, you'll lulled by fried goodness and Indo-Chinese snacks. There are a lot of counters like this around, but this one's maybe one of the biggest and the most complete counter.

Attending customers
Here, you can choose any snacks to your heart's content. The types of snacks vary from fried things to sweet desserts. Oh for those who haven't known, lupis is traditional snack from Indo, made from glutinous rice, with dessicated coconut and sweet brown sugar filling. Kolak is sweet soup, eaten as dessert, usually full with green beans, bananas, and black sticky rice.

Display, clockwise L-R: choipan, lupis, ?, siumay, pastel, fried tofu and fried egg pancake
L-R: kolak display, more display

I've always have my eyes on uyen. This is my favourite fried snack ever. Ever. Uyen is like deep fried dumpling, made from shredded taro mixed with flour. You'll get crunchy skin outside, but inside, tasty slightly-chewy shredded taro will welcome you. Although uyen form here is not the best I've had, I still manage to eat 4 of these on one sitting hehee.

Drenched with chilli sauce

Pastel is another deep fried snack, this one's similar with empanadas, divided into three different types: wet pastel, dry pastel, and closed pastel. The filling varies from vermicelli, curry, beef, or vegetables.


Choi pan is Medan's traditional snack (right?), the skin is made of rice flour. The right consistency will produce chewy but not heavy skin. The filling varies as well, but here there are only two filling: chives and jicama. The fried garlic on top gives great extra flavour.

Choi pan
Chives and jicama choipan

Fried shrimp meat balls are my second fav, crispy skin outside, and fluffy, moreish innards. The fried shrimp meatballs here are amazing, they aren't oily at all. Bliss.

Fried shrimp meatballs

Shrimp siumays are being offered, but I just really wanted fried things.

Shrimp siumays

If you don't want to just having snacks, then nasi bogana (banana leaf-steamed rice with egg, beef, and green beans) is another good choice.

Nasi bogana

Snacks at ITC Mangga Dua are aplenty. There are also mochi stalls and the durian pancake stall really mocks my appetite.

L-R: mochi, durian pancake

Your thirst will be satisfied by Es Cendol Medan stall, which offers many kinds of drinks, such as soursop juice, fruit soup, and young coconut juice. But for some reason the sweetness tastes weird.

Drink stall

I did crave for more food after devouring uyen and the friends, so when my eyes caught the fish cake stall, I went for it.

Fish cake (siomay)

The fish cake is okay, sliced and then drenched heavily by spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. Not the best I've had though.

Stall owner

And what's a visit to Mangga Dua without buying some sour young mango there? Man these babies are also my fav, sour and crunchy, perfect with the salt provided. Yum yum. Or if you want some more food, try the steamed corn in a cup, I usually get one with cheese. Massive amount of cheese.

Sour young mangoes
Sweet corn and young mango stall

I love being at Mangga Dua. Though it's sometimes frustrating wandering among really, really packed shops, having uyen and other snacks can really wipe my exhaustion.



Jalan Arteri Mangga Dua, Jakarta 11110 


ITC Mangga Dua, Lv. 4, block D no.6 

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