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Magnum Cafe, Yoshinoya, and Sour Sally - Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta

An absolute sugar rush..
Magnum Cafe Jakarta

..is what's promised at Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia Mall. It's so popular since the opening about 2 months ago. We have to make sure we come early here, or we'll end up in a long queue of curious customers. Magnum Cafe is only at Grand Indonesia, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta.

So that day I went there with Miss Christina, my BFF, and the two brothers. We arrive early but still have to wait. I personally love the decoration of the cafe. It's so pretty! Even the waiters/waitresses wear king/queen-like uniforms. Look look there's a pretty horse outside and magnum-like benches!


And the giant Magnum in a glass also outside..


Some more interior pictures..

Clockwise L-R: Magnum sign, the dining area, Magnum banner

Clockwise L-R: the menu, tissue, Magnums in mini fridge, unique lamp

The entry and the menu board

Now the food. We all know Magnum. Sold almost everywhere in Australia, also in Indonesia, with many different kinds and flavours. Magnum is quite pricey, but I love the taste, I heart Magnum very much.

Having hard time choosing what to order, we finally decided on two dishes. Seriously the menu is very confusing, all of the dishes look very mouthwatering and beautiful.

The first one is waffle de aristocrat; waffle Magnum ice cream, with cracked chocolate and roasted caramelized banana. Look how pretty it is! My photo-taking skill is poor, the actual one is much more pretty.

The ice cream has familiar taste, nothing really special. The choux pastry and the snap are crunchy, and add great texture paired with the smooth ice cream. The waffle is also pretty good, crunchy outside and fluffy inside. The best part is the caramelized banana, it's a real kicker, not too sweet but sweet enough and so tender to make you craving for more.

Waffle de Aristocrat; waffle Magnum ice cream, with cracked chocolate and roasted caramelized banana - IDR 35,000 (princess bites) or IDR 45,000 (queen bites)/ $3.8 or $5


And Miss Christina ordered apple juice which is pretty expensive booo.

Apple juice - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

The second one is crown jewel; served in Magnum grand glass with three flavour Magnum sticks, fruits, chocolate dipped strawberry, and cylinder crunch.

This one's presentation is seriously magnificent, arrived in a tall, huge glass. There are a lot of fruit chunks here, the best one is the watermelon for me. The chocolate is very aplenty, enough to make four people have sugar rush hehee. There are three classic Magnum sticks, but the best one is the vanilla with strawberry jam dipping with crushed peanuts. This one tastes similarly like the Magnum fruit temptation, minus the chocolate. The crunch is a great tool to wipe the melted chocolate.

Crown Jewel; served in Magnum grand glass with three flavour Magnum sticks, fruits, chocolate dipped strawberry, and cylinder crunch - IDR 55,000 ($6.1)


I heart Magnum Cafe's interior, it's a good place to take photos and stuff. The food are pretty good, but basically they are sugar all over hehee. But for presentations, thumbs up.




Yoshinoya is a recommendation from Miss Christina. She claimed that this one's good and only can be found at GI (but I saw one at Kelapa Gading, So!).

This restaurant's main menu is the beef bowl, which is rice served with sliced beef or chicken atop.

The menu

Yoshinoya's counter and employees

I was craving fried things, so I opted for the signature beef bowl set, which comes with tempura, egg roll, and chicken siumay, also with a bowl of miso soup. The beef slices are succulent and delicious, but the fried things are not big enough for me hehee. The miso soup is a great accompaniment.

The signature beef bowl set - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

The brother chose chicken yakiniku bowl set, which comes with the same condiments as mine.

Chicken yakiniku bowl set - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

Miss Christina was still saving room for the next fare, so she ordered the regular chicken bowl, with steames veggies on the side. The chicken tastes good and succulent, but I honestly can't say anything special about the dish.

Regular chicken bowl - IDR 21,000 (2.3)

And we got ocha as drinks. Can be refilled to your heart's content.

Refillable ocha (tea)

I like the beef bowls, but I don't really think it's that special.

Sour Sally

Sour Sally froyo

Sour Sally is one of the most popular frozen yoghurt shops in Jakarta. Unlike in Sydney, frozen yoghurt is very popular in Jakarta. I don't like frozen yoghurt actually, but Sour Sally is an exception 'cause I think it's kinda different. Thanks to Miss Christina actually, since she was the first to introduce me to Sour Sally's deliciousness hehee.

Top-bottom: sour sally canopy, the icon girl

Top-bottom: the menu board, various toppings

We ordered two medium tubs of strawberry-taro twist, with various toppings.

First tub; with longans, peach, chocolate pillows, and dried brownies - IDR 55,000 ($6.1)

Second tub; with longans, peach, mochi, and strawberries

Ooohh how I love this frozen yoghurt! It has perfect level of sourness and sweetness, and very refreshing too. The texture is smooth, and you can still feel micro-size ice flakes melt in your mouth. My fav toppings are the longans and peaches, but the brownies don't taste really good.

I had a blast! Really have to check Grand Indonesia again sometime..


Magnum Cafe: 4/5 (Recommended)
Good desserts, unique dining and ambiance, service very helpful, price is quite expensive.

Yoshinoya: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good food although not really special, a bit pricey although ambiance is spacious and cozy, service is OK.

Sour Sally: 4.5/5 (Really recommended)
Best froyo in Indonesia I've had so far, a bit high pricing, nice ambiance, service very friendly.



Grand Indonesia 
West Mall Level 5 
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1


Entertainment District 3A#16 to 17
Grand Indonesia 
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1


West Mall LG#02
Grand Indonesia 
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1

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  1. When Streets had a few ice-cream bars around Sydney, they were nothing like this Magnum Cafe! Love the look of the seats/benches and the giant Magnums everywhere.

  2. they are lovely indeed! ;)

  3. jepretan lu nendang boyyy mantapp
    ga ky gw blurrrr smuanya blurrr gotosea lah T.T

  4. ah GA LAH SOOOOO wkwkwkwk
    nanti kita jalan lagi yaaaa~

  5. ahh.. i miss the old magnum cafe.. agree!! i took some times to finally decide what to order since everything on the menu were so mouthwatering.. beautiful decorated cafe with not so expensive price.

    my friend also told me the same maybe by that time the only one yoshinoya around was only at GI and now it's like everywhere.

    I prefer red mango rather than soursally but when you go to Indo you should pay sam and jolly a visit!

    1. I haven't tried the new one. is it good?
      Will do! thanks for the recommendation, Cend! :D


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