Monday, 18 July 2011

Lembur Kuring, Tangerang

The restaurant's quite well known..
Airport Jakarta Lembur Kuring

..and the one near the airport has been there for a long time I believe. The first Lembur Kuring is located in Medan, North Sumatra, but the branches are everywhere. Lembur Kuring is one of the most famous Sundanese and Javanese restaurants in Indonesia, where many kinds of seafood are also offered. I have dined at a few branches of Lembur Kuring, but according to my blur memory, the food's quality is all similar.


Lembur Kuring has traditional Javanese interior. Nothing really modern-style here, and I found that they have a playground on the backyard. There are many trees there, creating a cool and comforting environment to eat.

The foods are, of course, typical Javanese. But that day we opted for seafood dishes. As for the drink, I chose one of my favs, young coconut drink (kelapa gelas ). This drink consists of creamy young coconut flesh with its sweet juice. I believe more sugar is added to make the juice sweeter.

Kelapa gelas - IDR 8,500 ($0.9)

The rice in a traditional bamboo basket

Kailan saus tiram (Chinese spinach with oyster sauce) is first to arrive, fragrant oyster sauce enveloping blanched kailan. I believe the veggies is blanched first and then drenched with the sauce. II love the tecture of the kailan though, still crunchy, and the sauce is tasty too.

Kailan saus tiram - IDR 16,500 ($1.8)

Kangkung cah terasi (stir fried kangkung with shrimp paste) arrived on a hotplate, the sauce is still bubbling, indicating that  it's scorching hot. It's a little bit spicy, making this dish a perfect partner for my warm rice.

Kangkung cah terasi - IDR 17,500 ($1.9)

Cumi goreng tepung (deep fried crumbed calamari) is a typical menu to order, but I've to say I'm a little bit let down by these ones. The calamaris are not cut circular like usual deep fried calamari, instead they are long in shape. They are not glorious golden in colour, very thinly crumbed, and still chewy.

Cumi goreng tepung - IDR 30,500 ($3.4)

Gurame bakar saus cabe (grilled carp with chilli marinade) made an amazing first impression that the mother ordered a second one right away. I agree that this fish is awesome at first, the marinade is slightly spicy and the fish is still juicy. I though the marinade is very tasteful at first, but after finished eating I found this lingering savory taste in my mouth which is not really pleasing.

Gurame bakar saus cabe - IDR 7,750 per ons ($0.9 per oz)

Overall, it's a nice, family-friendly restaurant. Would be even better if the calamari is crunchier.

Rating: 2/5 (OK/Average)
Quite nice seafood although some can be disappointing, service is fast and helpful, nice environment and ambiance, price is affordable.


Benda Raya Street no.88 RT 4/4
Cengkareng, Tangerang 

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  1. In here you should try tahu isi very famous and quickly sold out

    1. hi there! will do! thanks for the suggestion! :)


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