Saturday, 9 July 2011

Juegos Café, Kalideres - Jakarta

This is another meetup with my BFs
UNO stacko
I love being with Miss Christina and Gracia! They're so much fun! And thanks to Gracia for taking the photos for me! hehee.

Christina and Gracia <3
So Juegos is a quite-new café nearby my home complex, Citra 2 extension. It's known for the games menu, providing us with many many kinds of games. Imagine playing UNO or whatever games you like while waiting for your meals! When it first open, I often saw teenagers packing the place, but now it's kinda quiet.

We chose to dine upstairs, where we sat on wooden benches, not on usual chairs. The place's comfy for me. I was really interested in playing Jumanji, but they said the board's broken, so we got UNO stacko instead. We didn't play much, 'cause we were too busy talking. Hey we haven't met for ages! lol.

Juegos menu

We ordered four dishes. The first one was Gracia's actually, but she generously shared it with us hehee. The chicken strips (deep fried crumbed chicken fillets) are golden and crunchy, but I kinda think more seasoning won't hurt.

Chicken strips - IDR 16,00 ($1.7)

The chips and cheese (fried potato chips topped with cheese) didn't hit the spot for me, as I was expecting crunchy chips drenched with lovely melted cheddar or mozarella. The one that arrived to our table was very little amount, soggy potato chips with some kind of cheese. Christina won't touch it either way, since she's cheese-hater.

Chips and cheese - IDR 14,000 ($1.5)

Kwetiaw Medan (stir-fried rice noodles Medan style) was shared between us. It's actually tasted nice, with heaps of julienned carrots, beansprouts, and some chicken chunks. But again, I need more seasoning please!

Kwetiaw Medan - IDR 18,000 ($2)

Chicken lover platter is the favourite of the night, a bowl full of mixed chicken chunks, chicken strips, chicken popcorns, and potato chips. The bowl is huge, and I love deep fried things dipped completely with chilli sauce. Yum.

Chicken lover platter - IDR 36,000 ($4)

And for the drinks, Gracia opted for teh tarik and I chose simple mineral water.

Mineral water
Teh tarik - IDR 10,000 ($1.1)

The night was so lovely and fun, guys!

Rating: 2/5 (OK/Average)
Mediocre food, great ambiance with many games, price and service OK.


Ruko Golden Passage Block BG 3B no 5
Citra 2 ext.
Kalideres, Jakarta Barat 

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