Thursday, 14 July 2011

Iwake Seafood Restaurant, Taman Palem - Jakarta

Iwake is a new restaurant on the block.

I was never interested to try, but a recommendation from Christina made me wanna try it. It's still 20% off, but surprisingly I found that it was just me eating there that day. Maybe because it's still pretty new hey?


Nothing special about the interior, but there are a lot of mirrors there. And they have a large outdoor dining room on the back apparently. The menu offers many kinds of sea food, and we (the father, brother, and I) chose four dishes. Christina recommended the fried shrimps with honey, but I don't really like sweet-cooked shrimps.


Of course we opted for cumi goreng tepung (deep fried crumbed calamari). It's one of family's fav, we order it in any seafood restaurants. I found these ones pretty good, they're just thinly crumbed so they're not heavy. The calamari is not too chewy either.

Deep fried crumbed calamari - IDR 27,500 ($3.05)

Kangkung cah terasi (stir fried kangkong with shrimp paste) is good too, but this one's not the best I've ever eaten.

Stir fried kangkong with shrimp paste - IDR 12,500 ($1.4)

Ikan ayam-ayam bakar (grilled ayam-ayam fish) is my all-time fav, but I've no idea what is this fish called in English. It's called 'ayam-ayam' or 'chicken' because the fish' texture is slightly similar with chicken's.

I like this one very much, as the caramelised marinade is very tasty, and the fish is very juicy. Eat this with soy sauce-chopped shallots-chopped chillies, and a burst of deliciousness will satisfy your tongue.

Grilled ayam-ayam fish - IDR 37,500 ($4.16)

The kepiting lada hitam (crab with black pepper sauce) is supposed to be the hero of the meal, but I found this one's kinda dissapointing. I'd love more crab meat pleaseee. The black pepper sauce is good and spicy though. I'll stick with grilled ayam-ayam fish thank you.

Crab with black pepper sauce - IDR 84,500 ($9.4)

My first impression of Iwake is okay. Another thing that annoyed me is that the food took too long to be served on our table that day, eventhough there were only us eating at that moment. The food is around mediocre, but my recommendation is still given for the fish.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good seafood, spacious and clean environment, service is helpful although slow, price is reasonable.



Ruko Taman Palem Lestari A5/26
Jakarta Barat

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  1. nampaknya lu uda pernah nyobain semua makanan di Palem x ya ren.hahahaha

  2. @Sara: belon sar! baru gue mau nanya rekomendasi loe sama jen ttg resto enak di palem ahahah :)


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