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Hoka Hoka Bento and Cold Stone, Central Park - Jakarta

So this is a reunion with my old classmates
Dumplings display at Hoka Hoka Bento
..and we did it at Central Park, another mall in the crowded Jakarta. I was concerned when I thought they wanna have lunch at Burger King, which is Hungry Jacks with different name. I'm so bored with HJ menus already, so I was really really hoping they will choose other restaurant. And Hoka Hoka Bento it was.

Hoka Hoka Bento (Hokben) is a popular Japanese fast-food restaurant in Indonesia. It's known of the affordable prices and good taste.

Hoka Hoka Bento
The menus here are already set up in many meal sets. Most of the sets include three fried things, yakiniku or teriyaki, and a bowl of rice. They also offer desserts, such as puddings, konyaku (jellies), and so on. I never tried one though. They also have soups.
Fried things and yakiniku-teriyaki displays
The thing I love the most about HokBen are the rice and the salad. I reckon the rice is mixed with glutinous rice before cooking, so it kinda tastes like sticky rice. I love sticky rice. And the salad is just a kicker for me. It's simple, shredded lettuce with mayo, also pickled carrots and turnips; but just give me the rice and the salad, and I'll be happy hehee.

That day not all of us ate here, as some of them have already eaten. But the rest of us mostly opted for the C and D meal sets.

The C meal set - beef teriyaki with salad, shrimp rolls and spicy chicken, with a bowl of rice
The D meal set - chicken yakiniku with salad, tempura and chicken rolls, with a bowl of rice

Cold Stone

This is another recommendation of Christina. She claimed that the ice cream here is heaven, so we gave it a try.

So the name Cold Stone is rather familiar for me but I've never tried this. I just love to see many kinds of toppings and ice creams there...
Toppings display

And the cookie dough offered as a topping is so tempting..

L-R: cones and cookie dough topping
Ice creamssssss <3

So Christina got her favourite, the rum raisin with dark chocolate plus almonds as topping. I want that one too, but if I do so I won't try other flavour. So I finally choose hazelnut and dark chocolate with cornflakes as topping.

After we choose of ice creams and toppings, the crew will just mix them together on an icy bench hehee. So interesting.

Mix baby mix!

The rum raisin-dark chocolate-almonds is surely a heaven on earth. I think it's the best ice cream combination I've ever had so far. Maann how lovely it is! The rum raisin's taste alone is soo great, and the dark chocolate does nothing but adding more deliciousness. The sweet rum raisin just balances beautifully with the not-so-sweet dark chocolate. The almonds create nice crunch and more great taste there. Aarrrgg I want this oneee.

"Love it" combination one: rum raisin and dark chocolate with almond topping - IDR 35,000 ($3.9)

Mine was great too! The hazelnut tastes like Nutella, and the dark chocolate's my fav. I was hoping I didn't get cornflakes, as it didn't give any taste, only a nice crunch. I should get Snickers..or almonds..or cookie dough. hmmm

"Love it" combination 2: hazelnut and dark chocolate with cornflakes topping - IDR 35,000 ($3.9)

The Oreo Overload is one of their signature, my brother ordered this when we went to Cold Stone for the second time. This one taste great too, I've always love cookies and cream ice creams, but it's nothing compared to rum raisin-dark choco-almonds hehee.

"Signature ice cream" Oreo overload with plain waffle - IDR 35,000+6,000 ($3.9+$1.3)

The reunion was great guys! Pity not everyone could come though. And I want to go to Cold Stone ASAP!!

Helloo friiendds


Hoka-Hoka Bento: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good Japanese fast food, place's spacious and quite comfy, price is OK, service is OK.

Cold Stone Creamery: 4.5/5 (Really recommended)
Super good ice cream and possible combinations, price is a bit pricey, service is helpful, ambiance is cozy.



Level LG Central Park
Letjen S. Parman Street Kav.28, Jakarta Barat 11470

Level G Central Park
Letjen S. Parman Street Kav.28, Jakarta Barat 11470 

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