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Han Gang Korean Restaurant, Taman Anggrek Mall - Jakarta

Lovely charred rice in a hot stone pot. Enough said right?

I love charred rice. And my mom is currently very obsessed with Korean drama so she suggested to dine at a Korean restaurant as my bday lunch. And the uncle recommend the place so we went to Taman Anggrek Mall to check out Han Gang.


Han Gang restaurant

Han Gang actually specializes in BBQ-grilled beef, but unfortunately all of the grill-tables are reserved so we just stick with other dishes. I did see people enjoying their grilled beef slices which have really really appetizing smell.

Some decorations

The interior is pretty as well, many Korean's decorations are shown. And they also have a call-button on every table so we can call the waitress easily anytime.

L: tables with grill and smoke catcher. R: interior and call-button.

Upon arriving, we were given two palates of appetizers, which all taste great, except for the original kimchi which has a distinct taste of wasabi. I hate wasabi. My fav is the clams. Taste so great with a hint of oyster sauce.

The clams

More appertizers

Having read the menu, my eyes landed on the word 'bibimbab'  which is a signature Korean dish, literally means 'mixed meal'. But the menu said 'rice in a hot stone pot' so that means smoky.charred.rice. O yeah.

The first dish to arrive is japchae (stir fried sweet potato noodles with shredded meat and vegetables). This is actually the best dish of the night, I love the slightly chewy but smooth noodles, and the seasoning is just perfect.

Japchae - IDR 45,000 (S) and 85,000 (R), $5 (S) and $9.4 (R)

Kimchi jjigae (spicy chilli pepper cabbage soup) arrives bubbling and tastes kinda like tom yam (Thai's sour soup) but a tad spicy, with silky smooth tofu, pickled cabbage (kimchi), and some beef slices. The freshness of this soup won me over.

Kimchi jjigae - IDR 48,000 ($5.3)

We ordered four kind of dolsot bibimbab cause we are just curious of it. My mom got the best one, dolsot yache bibimbab (rice with beef and mixed vegetables in a hot stone pot). See the sexy egg on the menu? I wished my mom would've had that, but she asked for cooked egg instead. I don't get a sexy egg photo again *sob*.

The taste is pretty good, every bibimbab is served with some kind of sauce to be mixed with the rice. The beef is tender although very few and thin. The rice is tasty though.

Dolsot yache bibimbab - IDR 39,000 ($4.3)

I actually wanna order my mom's bibimbab, but since she already ordered that one, I decided to try dolsot nakji bibimbab (rice with stir fried octopus with vegetables in a hot stone pot) for research purpose.

Dolsot nakji bibimbab - IDR 39,000 ($4.3)

I heart the smoky, charred rice. I don't really know why, but charred rice tastes better. I ended up digging for more charred rice and left the un-charred rice on top hehee. They are so crunchy and tasty and moreish.

Rice porn

The vegetables are heaps, but the octopus slices are few, although they are tender enough.

My dad chose dolsot kimchi cham chi bibimbab (rice with tuna and kimchi in hot stone pot), and he complained that the tuna is too few, he can barely taste any.

Dolsot kimchi cham chi bibimbab - IDR 39,000 ($4.3)

Mixed bibimbab

My bro had the dolsot bulgogi bibimbab (rice with pan-fried beef marinated in soy sauce in a hot stone pot), and he didn't like it. But it's just his tongue, Korean cuisine doesn't really suit him. I tried some and the beef slices are tender and perfectly marinated.

Dolsot bulgogi bibimbab - IDR 39,000 ($4.3)

Overall I had a nice lunch. Maybe some people will find the Korean cuisine unfamiliar, but it suits okay for me. Just be careful not to overeat here, or you'll leave with empty pocket.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great Korean food (esp the jap chae), helpful service, cozy ambiance perfect for groups, price is quite pricey.



Taman Anggrek Mall Lv. 4
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 21 , Slipi

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021 5639499

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    1. koko kan yg temennya punya restoran semua ye! :p

  2. Umm, I want to ask something. Are these foods spicy? I want to eat korean food at this restaurant but I can't eat spicy food. Can you tell me which food are spicy and the not spicy one? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi there!
      Apart from the kimchi soup which has a bit of bite, the menus on this post aren't spicy at all. I reckon you'll enjoy it. Cheers! :)

  3. wahh ternyata han gang ada di mall yaa, jadi pingin coba juga makan disana pas Korea-Indonesia week 2012 besok ^^

    1. wahhh pengen banget ikutan Korea-Indo week! ada apa aja sih?
      BTW salam kenal! :)

  4. It looks lovely. Simple yet sober and very humble!

  5. Dolsot yache bibimbab still number 1 in my menu order

  6. Beok mo coba ahhhh
    Dol sot yumyum


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