Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Burger Night for Roo

I really find it amusing when the boy eats much.
Cheeseburger set from Burger Corner
One day, he was craving burger so much that he ate two burgers set in 1 hour. I know it's not a special thing for most people, as I've seen many many people eat much more burgers in 1 hour, but giving the fact that this is Roo, oh yeah this is unusual. He never did this before, and for me this is a great change. He needs more and more foodd!!

So he ordered a burger set from Maccas (Daan Mogot Mall), which I thought kinda smell strange. The meat I mean.

Beef burger meal from Maccas
And then he wasn't satisfied yet so we went to Cafe 12 (Citra 2) and he got a cheeseburger set from Burger Corner. I got to say, the burger from here is far more delicious than the one from McD. Annd he demolished it in no time.

'Say your last words, fries, before I eat yaa'
I just ate banana chocolate cheese crepe from D'Crepes that night, as I was craving for it.

The crepe making
And look what I bought yesterday, a food photography tutorial book which is extremely useful for an amateur for me! I've seen one of the authors' food blog, and the pictures are soooo pretty! The book name is 'Food Photography Made Easy' by EmpatRana.

Soooo any burgers again tonight, love? :)
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