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Bubur Ayam Cirebon (Cirebon Chicken Porridge), Jakarta's Street Food

I heart Jakarta's street foods
Bubur ayam Cirebon

I know there are heaps of restaurants in Jakarta, sometimes I still prefer the street foods. No particular reason, the quality and hygiene are possibly much less than restaurants, but I love the familiar feel of eating at a very modest place, like on the roadside.

Jakarta got massive numbers of street foods. From snacks to meals and even desserts. All offered by plain and simple carts or stalls. I vow to post about a lot of Jakarta street foods here, cause the things that I actually miss most from Jakarta's culinary are the street foods, not restaurants foods.

This post is about bubur ayam Cirebon or Cirebon style chicken porridge. Some people may even call it 'bubur kampung'. The porridge stalls are everywhere, and I believe everyone's got their favs, but my fav is located in ruko Taman Palem, near the Superindo supermarket. See how plain and simple this stall is? That's what I love hehee.

The stall

Bubur ayam cirebon is originally from Cirebon, a city in West Java. The Cirebon porridge is different from the ones we usually get from Chinese restaurants. This one doesn't use chopped fried bread sticks, nor fish sauce. The porridge's texture is similar with congee, drenched with generous amount of curry sauce and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). These two are key ingredients to make the porridge tasteful and moreish. Then, shredded chicken pieces are added, followed by crackers, fried shallots, and more sweet soy sauce. On the side you may get fried soya beans and chopped shallots.

See the bowl on the background? Those are the condiments to be eaten with the porridge, such as fried quail eggs, chicken livers and chicken gizzards. All served on skewers. I usually get the gizzards, I just love the chewiness of the gizzards paired with the smooth porridge.

Dining in street food stalls, we also need to consider the hygiene though, some stalls may be too dirty to be visited. Most people won't even try the street foods due to that reason. But talking about the taste, I say they are not inferior to restaurant foods. Some street foods are even far more delicious than the ones from expensive restaurants.

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