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Westfield City Food Court Challenge #1

There is something special about this food court..

.. because I can't believe I can be interested in a food court like this. Or maybe because I’ve read Grab Your Fork’s, A Table for Two's and Chocolatesuze’s reviews. Either way, when I first came there, I swore I’ll try every restaurant there. And I formed a challenge for myself, to try at least one menu from every restaurant/eatery shop  at Westfield’s Level 5 food court.

This food court is relatively new,probably only a few months old, but whenever I dine there, it almost always packed with hungry customers, most of them carrying customer buzzers provided from the restaurants, which will ring when their orders are ready. Genius idea me say hehee.
There are only 11 restaurants listed on the black board on Level 5, but I list them myself and I got 22 restaurants/eatery shops (I excluded Chatime ‘cause I’ve tried it thousands times).
They are:
Becasse, Charlie n Co, Dintai Fung, Iku, Mero Mero, Nine Mary’s, Pie by Mick’s Bakehouse, Quarter 21, Ragu, Rueben and Moore, Sabbaba, Sassy’s Red, Spud n Crepes, Sushi Hon, Thairiffic, Top Juice, Via del Corso, Guzman y Gomez, Cloudy Bay Fish Co, Crust, and Dergah Grill (please tell me if I miss a restaurant). I’ve to say, according to my eyes, the most crowded restaurant is Dintai Fung, while the least is Nine Mary’s.
Fresh pasta display at Ragu

There’re heaps of them, so I’ll cut this challenge post into four parts. Other reason is that I have only tried five of them hehee. I’ll continue this challenge after I’m back in Oz, and maybe there’ll gonna be new restaurants there.
Mero Mero

Mero Mero
Chocolate and strawberry macarons ($3 each)

I’ve included Mero Mero on my post about macarons. Mero Mero sells macarons, coffee, pastries, bread, and sandwiches. We can also see bread displays there. There were blue macarons there! But not for sale booo. I’ve tried the chocolate and strawberry macarons, and on my second visit I tried mango and hazelnut macarons.

Mango and hazelnut macarons ($3 each)
Macarons innards

I like the hazelnut, which doesn’t taste like Nutella at all. I still prefer the chocolate one though.  I don’t like the mango macaron, or maybe it’s just me having issues with fruit flavoured macarons.

Pie by Mick’s Bakehouse

Pies from Mick’s have won several awards, including Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. Some say the best pie is the plain one, so I tried it. I already forgot the price, but I think it’s about $6-7. My bad.

Pies display
Plain beef pie
Pie innards (piping hot man!)

The plain beef pie was awesome. So tasty, the pastry is a little bit flaky and not heavy at all. It’s quite thin, so if you’re not careful, you’ll rip it and the piping hot filling will burn your tongue. Literally. That happened to me. The filling was scorching hot but oh so tasty. The gravy is not sickly thick, which I love very much. Best pie I’ve eaten so far. There are some unique pies on displays, such as the ones with proscuitto and blue cheese.

Reuben and Moore

Reuben and Moore is owned by Michael Moore. I tried my first ever Reuben sandwich here. I saw some sandwich menus on boards there, and it’s fascinating watching the crews making sandwiches and slicing cold meats right before our eyes. I also love the mini metal baskets which are used to put rosemary and sea salted fries.
I ordered the wagyu salt beef Reuben sandwich with fries. I love it. I can’t believe how fluffy the rye bread is! It is awesome. The wagyu is great too, not too salty, I also love the Swiss cheese which tasted great but not overpowered the other components’ taste.  The one thing that almost kills the sandwich is the mustard. Maybe it’s just my tongue, but I can taste wasabi there! I hate wasabi the most. Unfortunately, the wasabi taste encompassed the sauerkraut too so I can finished the parts with the mustard on it. But I love it anyways.

Reuben wagyu salt beef sandwich, on rye with Swiss cheese, dill pickle, sauerkraut and mild mustard mayo ($15.5 with fries, $13.5 alone)

 The rosemary and sea salt fries, however, was the best fries I’ve ever tried. Man how I love it! The rosemary flakes create brilliant smell, and the salt doesn’t make the fries to be too salty. They are just so spot on. On my second visit there I just ordered a whole bowl of the fries hehee.

A bowl of rosemary and sea salt fries ($5.5)

Sassy’s Red

Top-bottom: Sassy's Red's mee goreng, the card designed like a movie ticket

Sassy’s Red is another Malay restaurant, owned by Simon Goh who also owns Chinta Ria. I love the interior design of the restaurant, there’re displays of ABC kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) which is very familiar for me. I also love that they provide sliced chillies and sambal botol (bottled chilli sauce) there.

Kecap manis display
Sassy's Red menu

Having read few reviews, I only had eyes for the Mee Goreng.  My buzzer rang quickly, and I enjoyed the brown-paper wrapped Mee Goreng. I love the traditional way to wrap the Mee Goreng here. The Mee Goreng itself is very tasty, full of prawns, egg, and shredded chicken. But maybe it’s a little bit too oily for me. Very tasty anyway. I saw some dessert menus, and roti is included, but I was too full to try. And I saw Sassy’s laksa left on some bowls around. I wonder what’s wrong with the laksa.

Mee goreng in brown paper wrap ($11)
Mee goreng - hokkien noodles wok tossed with a blend of spices, diced tofu, potato, tomato, chicken, egg, and prawns

Snag Stand 

Snag  Stand is said as the home of heavenly ‘haute dogs’. There is a very good-smelling grill on the front, showing a crew grilling sausages.

Hot dogs display

Being a little bit confused choosing the menus, which are so vary, I finally chose the Backyarder, which is classic Aussie beef and tomato sausage on a rustic roll with creamy coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese.  I also tried the fries, which is made of Tasmanian russet potatoes and make a great accompaniment with the hot dog.
The Backyarder (classic Aussie beef and tomato sausage on a rustic roll with creamy coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese) $8.9
 The Backyarder was great, cut half, and perfect for sharing. I always love classic Aussie sausage, and the cheddar cheese with coleslaw add extra taste with every bite.  It’s a little bit bland for me though, I should’ve just ordered the classic chilidog I guess. I want some heat from my hot dogs..
The fries were a real kicker. It is the second best fries I’ve had ever (the first one is still the Reuben’s fries hehee). The fries are incredibly crunchy, golden brown goodness, and not a single soggy fries there, perfect with the sea salt flakes. Oh so yum man!
Chips (100% tasmanian russet potatoes, with natural sea salt flakes) $3.9
Those are the five I’ve tried at Westfield Level 5 food court, and I’m so looking forward to try the rest. I still want the rosemary fries..

Rating (for overall Westfield Food Court): 4/5 (Recommended)
Line-ups of good restaurants, price is reasonable, ambiance okay although can be hard to find table during rush hour, service is nice.



Phone: (02) 8246 7025

Westfield CBD food court

Level 5 Cnr Pitt St Mall And Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Mero Mero on Urbanspoon


Phone: (02) 9233 3536

Westfield CBD food court

Level 5 Cnr Pitt St Mall And Market St, Sydney NSW 2000  

Pie by Mick's Bakehouse on Urbanspoon


Westfield CBD food court

Level 5 Cnr Pitt St Mall And Market St, Sydney NSW 2000 


Phone: (02) 8072 8072

Westfield CBD food court

Level 5 Cnr Pitt St Mall And Market St, Sydney NSW 2000 

Sassy's Red on Urbanspoon


Phone: (02) 9221 9600 

Westfield CBD food court

Level 5 Cnr Pitt St Mall And Market St, Sydney NSW 2000  

Snag Stand on Urbanspoon

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  1. Woah, serious amounts of food ingestion in the name of "research"! =p I've only tried stuff from Charlie & Co. along with the Reuben...but that was half a year ago when the food court wasn't fully occupied as yet. Time for a return trip, methinks?

  2. O yeah I was seriously serious lol ! =D
    a return trip for sure! it's so good bein there!


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