Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Vietnamese Chicken and Pork Rolls, Sydney

BBQ pork roll ($4) with cheese (+50cent) from Bread Rolls on Harris

That's what I thought when the lady put small, fierce red Vietnamese sliced chillies to my BBQ pork roll. The small Vietnamese chilies are seriously hot, even for me. But hey, I love my chillies anyway!

I like Vietnamese bread rolls. The Vietnamese bread rolls shops usually offer 3 type of them, which are chicken roll (banh mi ga), pork roll (banh mi thit), and BBQ pork roll. When I first came to Sydney, the first food I bought was Vietnamese chicken roll. I saw a man eating big, thick bread full of filling, and I couldn't resist. I have to try those good looking breads. I ate one, and it is one of my favourite foods in Sydney now.

Vietnamese bread rolls are actually crunchy bread rolls, filled with a slather of pate, a bit of mayo, fresh vegetables (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, coriander, and shallot), the chicken/pork slices, and sprinkles of salt and pepper. The julienned carrots usually taste a little bit sweet but sour at the same time, I am guessing they have been soaked in some kind of pickling liquid.

Until now, I have tried many bread rolls from 4 different stalls. One of my Vietnamese friend said, the best ones are those in Cabramatta, but I haven't tried it. She also said the bread rolls in Sydney are slightly different from the original ones in Vietnam.

The best bread roll that I have tried is sold in Harris Street, Central. The shop is called 'Bread Rolls on Harris'. My fav one is their BBQ pork roll. Their BBQ pork slices are soo delicious and flavorsome. The filling and salad are also generously given, and they always give me extra chillies! Hehee.

' Bread Rolls on Harris' sign
BBQ pork roll innards

My second fav is the ones in Fairfield. I buy their bread rolls the most often, because the shop is on my way to the station. I like their chicken roll, the chicken slices are perfectly seasoned, but they are not too generous for the salad. I don't like their pork roll though, it is bland and the pork are not seasoned. However, their pickled carrots are the best so far. Not too sweet, and they just refresh the whole mouthful.

Chicken roll ($3.2) from Fairfield bread roll shop
Chicken roll innards
Chicken roll half portrait

For the two remaining shops I don't have the photos of them, but one of them is located in Fairfield too. They have the best chicken slices, which are absolutely delicious, but their pate is too strong for me. I don't like pate's taste actually. The last one is on George Street in Central, and nothing special about their bread rolls.

I have to go to Cabramatta for research about the bread rolls there. Are they truly the best?



646 Harris Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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