Sunday, 12 June 2011

Satang Thai Takeaways, Haymarket - Sydney

Takeaway food is essential in a student life..
Chilli jam with vegetables and rice takeaway ($8.50)

..because we always need quick lunch before the next class, but too lazy to make our own lunch at home. At least that's what happen to me hehee.

Well this post is about my fav takeaway food. It's Satang Thai. It's maybe familiar for you, especially when you are students from uni around Haymarket. This Thai restaurant has two dining places, one is the tiny, takeaway place on Quay street, while the other one is much bigger, more modern, just across the street. Both places are usually packed on lunch time, and you can see people waiting hungrily for their takeaways in the smaller Satang Thai.

Small Satang Thai takeaways

I love Satang Thai's food. I love the pad thai and the chicken laksa. And they are not expensive either. So far, Satang Thai's pad thai is the best pad thai  I've ever eaten. Pad thai is thin rice noodles stir fried with special sweet sauce, egg, and you preferred meat, served with piles of crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, and a wedge of lemon. I'd love the pad thai too be a little bit less sweet, but it is already great anyway.

Pad thai takeaway ($8.50)
Pork chunks in pad thai

Apart from the pad thai, my fav menu from Satang Thai is the spicy fried rice with basil. I was first introduced to this menu when my uni friend brought it to class and said she couldn't finish it because it's too spicy. And I thought 'challenge accepted!' hehehee. So I ordered it one day and yeah it was spicy. Spicier than any Thai food I've ever eaten. Definitely not for the faint hearted hehe.

Spicy fried rice with basil takeaway ($8.50)

Of course I love it! It is actually just a normal fried rice with a lot of chilli sauce, capsicum, egg, onions, and (I chose) pork. I can also taste the hint of basil, making the rice fragrant. Since I tried it, it is my fav menu from Satang Thai.

Other menu is chili jam with vegetables and rice (the photo is above), which is also tasty but not as spicy as it sounds.

Satang Thai is the best place where I usually get my lunch, and I recommend this restaurant because the foods are tasty and all menus are in generous large portions. Oh and yeah it's wallet friendly too!

Rating: 4.5/5 (Very recommended)
Sensational pad thai and spicy fried rice, affordable price, quite fast service, mini dinig area, can be packed very easily. I'd give 5/5 rating if only the queue isn't that long.



20 Quay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9280 0956

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  1. pad thai nya enakan mana ama Chat Thai rin? si satang thai ini persis di depan Oaks Harmony apt ya, apartemennya temen gw nih kemaren2 mampir siniii :D pengen nyoba karna liat antriannya rame jadi ga jadi :p

    1. hampir sama tapi gue masih suka yg ini me, meskipun yg ini lebih basah drpd punya chat thai.
      emang rame banget sih me, apalagi kalo peak hours gitu.

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