Friday, 3 June 2011

Pizza Hut Delivery in Sydney

Pizza is one of my favourite food
Pizza Hut order

On that day, I'd just finished a big assignment. So I thought I need something as a reward for my self. I was planning to walk to the nearest Pizza Hut store, 'cause I was craving pizza. But there isn't any Pizza Hut store near my house. Well then I ordered online, and was shocked that the delivery fee was $8! But I wanted it so much I didn't bother. I ordered Hot n Spicy Pizza Mia, garlic bread, and chocolate and hazelnut calzone. The idea of Nutella inside of puff pastry appealed so much to me hehee.

In 30mins the delivery man came, by car. It surprised me 'cause Pizza Hut's delivery in Indonesia, my home country, uses motorbikes.

The Pizza smelled sooo good. I love love love the Pizza. It was spicy indeed, with sliced jalapeno on top. The mozarella was good as well, and I love the thin crust of the pizza. Indo's Pizza Hut's Pizzas are little bit thick. I asked for extra black olives topping too,'cause I love black olives.

Hot n' Spicy Pizza Mia, topped to the edge with pepperoni, roasted red capsicum, jalapenos, chilli and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, all on a medium 9 inch base ($5) with extra black olive topping (+$1)

The garlic bread was also good, but I was too full to finish it. I didn't expect 9inch pizza would be so filling!

Garlic bread ($3.95)
Garlic bread innards

I love the calzone. The filling tasted exactly like Nutella, and it was warm and gooey. So good. The butter pastry was crunchy too.

Chocolate hazelnut calzone - warm gooey choc hazelnut filling encased in a light butter pastry parcel ($3.95)
The calzone innards

I'll definitely order the spicy Mia again soon..

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