Monday, 6 June 2011

Noodle Box, Westfield Paramatta

I lost it.
The Noodle Box pamphlet

I lost the freaking photos!!!! Noooo I'm soo dumb! I forgot that I haven't copy them and I deleted them! Why I am so stupidd.... All I have are the photos of their menu..

Forgive me, but I think I have to just talk without showing the photos, so sorry mates :(

Anyways, I was at Westfield Paramatta that day, and I was so confused about what to eat at the food court. I saw some people enjoying noddles in takeaway boxes and I was so excited to see it because I never had takeaways in those boxes. Seems stupid hey? hehee.

Noodle Box menu

So I walked to the Noodle Box, which seemed to specialize at noodles and stir fried rice. They also offer spring rolls, dim sims, and satays. I order a small hot box ($8.95). It contains thin egg noodles, lean beef, chicken and Asian vegetables wok tossed in their special chilli sauce. I ordered it because.. yeah pretty much because I will order everything with the word 'hot' or 'spicy' hehee.

The noodles are okay, a little bit too sweet due to a lot of soy sauce, and to my disappointment, they were not spicy at all. The chicken and vegetables weren't too generously given, it was just a lot of noodles. It tasted quite nice though.

I also ordered salt and pepper calamari ($6.90, $3.95 with any box), because I was interested in the idea of calamari in just pepper and salt. Again, to my disappointment, I didn't taste enough salt and pepper. The calamari were good though, deep fried until golden and not chewy at all. The salad and sweet chilli sauce that were given helped refresh the dish very much.

Noddle Box is okay, I just hope my noodles were spicier...

O yeah, I managed to get some photos of the pralines display at David Jones. I love them, so cute.

Pralines display
Cute baskets of praline

On my way back, I saw a shop selling chocolates for crazy prices. Guylian for $3, Cadburry clusters for $2, and Toblerone for just 50cent! I got a little crazy and bought some.. I mean a lot of them hehee. I got some Mars and Toblerone bars, Cadburry bars of plenty, a box of Guylian, a Cadburry clusters and crunchies for just $10! I am such a chocolate addict..

My precious



Level 1 food court Westfield Paramatta
159-175 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

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  1. oh man im super jealous at your awesome chocolate stash

  2. you really have to go to that store, they sell these babies at amazing prices, that's why i got crazy lol :)

  3. tolong katakan kpadaku bahwa lu membelikan gw 'beberapa kotak' dari coklat2 tersebut..

  4. tenang aja sayang gw uda sisain buat loe hahaha

  5. asik asik asikk uhuiii *jogetjogethulahulalompatkayangrolldepanrollbelakanglompatharimausikaplilin*

  6. Try Kmart / Target, they use to have half a kilo cadbury bar for $4. Cheapo!


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