Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Baked Wedges [Recipe]

I actually wanted the fried ones..
Best eaten with chilli sauce

..but the father is a healthy-food freak so I know he won't let me. But I don't think I really cook this, 'cause I only put them into the oven and did nothing else.

So I brought a bag of oven baked wedges from Australia and bring it here. I've always love wedges or fries as snacks, and this one's no exception. I got crunchy delicious wedges and amazing roasted garlic. I can't believe how good are roasted garlic! I actually wanted to put some rosemary but hadn't found any in any supermarket. So I stuck with salt and pepper, and garlic with shallots. Tasted good anyway.

Raw wedges with garlic and shallots
Hello crunchy crunchy

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