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Menya Mappen, Sydney

I love Japanese food..
Japanese film poster decor at Mappen

..especially ramen and tempura. I read the Mappen review from Grab Your Fork, and since then self-serve tempura never leaves my mind.

Mappen is a Japanese restaurant which offer self-serve tempura. It is located in the Skyview plaza, George street, behind the 85 degree cake shop. I thought it would be hard to find but I found it easily. I arrived there at about 2 p.m. and immediately noticed the long queue. I was not in mood for a long wait so I decided to walk around until the queue get shorter. I got back at 3 p.m. and it was better.

Mappen, Skyview plaza

Mappen provides the six step to order poster in front of the restaurant. The menu is also provided before customers even go in to the restaurant. How to order is easy. You grab a drink from the fridge, order your noodle, as the noodles are cooked by order. That's why there is always a queue. Next, move to your right and take yourself a tempura (or maybe some tempuras). You can get topping and miso soup if you want to, and maybe want some tempura flakes and shallots which are provided, but limited to one spoon each plate. Then the cashier will count your meal's price.

Steps to enjoy Mappen
Mappen menu

I didn't have to choose that day, I only had ontama bukkake in my mind. I joined the queue, and grabbed Apple soda from the fridge. Watching the crew making ramen was pretty interesting.

Crew making noodles

I asked for ontama bukkake, with udon. They offer two types of noodles: soba and udon. But I like udon better. The girl behind the counter quickly tossed the udon onto the noodle basket, put them in boiling water for a few seconds, and cracked the soft boiled egg into my bowl. I love how the egg looked, shiny golden orb sitting there in my bowl. Move along to the self serve tempura counter, it was dizzying options of deep fried goodness. There were kakiage tempura, prawn, chicken breast, sweet potato, fish, and so on.

Tempura options
Kakiage ($2.8), prawn ($2.5), and chicken breast tempuras
Onigiri (Japanese rice triangles)

I knew what I want, I picked kakiage vegetable tempura, which was surprisingly big, and sweet potato tempura. I didn't know the kakiage tempura will be big.

Kakiage tempura ($2.8) and sweet potato tempura ($0.8)

I was kinda disappointed that the tempura flakes and shallots were served in a metal trays, I was hoping to see a two-levels metal trays. I put some in my bowl and bring my tray to cashier. It was still packed with people so I didn't take any tempura sauce.

My meal with Fuji Apple soda ($2.5)

The ontama bukkake was great; chewy, slippery udon with the soup was flavorsome, and the egg was just gracious. It was beautiful, oozy golden liquid which just melt in your mouth. It provided great complement for the chewy udon. And although I got the small bowl, it was so filling. I put some dried chili on my udon and tempuras but it wasn't hot enough.

Ontama bukkake small ($4.9)
Oozy egg yolk

For the tempuras, I actually prefer the sweet potato. It was sweet but crunchy. Kakiage tempura was great too, shredded vegetables battered individually and then deep fried. I ate it strand by strand, 'cause it was too good to be eaten whole. Both of my tempuras were well drained, they weren't oily at all.

Sweet potato tempura innards

Mappen got some cool Japanese posters as decor. I like it, they make some friendly aura for me.
I love Mappen, their tempuras are amazing, but you have to prepare yourself for the long queue.

Posters and customers enjoying their noodles

Rating: 4.5/5 (Really recommended)
Lovely ramen and tempuras, ambiance okay although may need to eat quickly during rush hour, price is affordable, service OK.



11/537-551 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 5525       

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  1. mmm love the oozy egg yolk on udon! i always get a second egg :P

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    I'm like your fan, I always read ur blog, love it to the max :)
    Thanks for stopping by!


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