Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mamak, Haymarket - Sydney

I love Malaysian cuisine..
Mamak sign

..because they are similar with Indonesian cuisine, which I love completely. Did I mention I am Indonesian? Yeah my tongue is Indonesian tongue, so Malaysian food is my second favourite cuisine. They are full of flavour and contain familiar spices to me. Sometimes Malaysian foods are spicy too! And when I say spicy, I mean really spicy hehee.

So I read Mamak reviews from the trio food blogs,  Chocolatesuze, Grab Your Fork, and A Table for Two. All of them have good reviews about this restaurant, and Mamak is considered as one of the must-eat restaurant in Sydney. It is a Malaysian themed restaurant, specializes in roti. So I decided to go there and prove to myself that the famous roti tisu is that good.

I decided to come early, as I know the lunch queue at Mamak is crazy. Unfortunately, I arrived too early and had to wait half an hour for it to open. I then went to the Emperor's Garden bakery, to get something for nibbling. I regretted it instantly as the dumplings made me half full.

When I finally went back to Mamak, I was so excited looking around the interior of the restaurant. It was just so elegant! The chairs and tables were made from some kind of wood replica material, and there were some great photos showing roti making, the kitchen, and so on. I got a table where I can see the chefs making the roti, flying and stretching those precious doughs, but I was not brave enough to take photos of them hehee. I was afraid they won't allow me. I can also see teh tarik making, the chefs were stretching the metal cups to make frothy topping.

Mamak interior
Wooden tables, chairs, and pretty photos

O yeah it was funny too to hear the crew saying 'nasi goreng' or 'mee goreng' in western accent. Hehee I smiled hearing them saying those Indo-Malay words.

I was half full, so I didn't order their nasi lemak (coconut rice, usually called nasi uduk in Indonesia). Instead, I ordered the roti canai and roti tisu. For the drink, as I am a Milo lover, I tried Milo tarik. When I was asked if I want ice cream or condensed milk for my roti tisu, I chose ice cream because I don't like condensed milk.

Mamak's drinks and deserts menu

My Milo tarik came first, it was a warm, delicious drink. Seriously, in this kind of weather these days, Milo tarik is a perfect comfort drink. It got perfect balance of the Milo and milk, and maybe some water. And it had frothy topping, just as promised.

Milo tarik - Malaysian hot chocolate ($3.5)

The roti canai was awesome. It was flaky outside but crispy inside. There were 2 dips provided, both were equally awesome. And I love the sambal (chili sauce) too! It was spicy o yeah. I hope there was more...

Roti canai with two dips and sambal - crispy outside, fluffy inside ($5.5)
Flaky skin of roti canai
Fluffy roti

When I finished my canai, I was full. But I was still curious about the roti tisu. I asked for it, and squealed with glee when it arrived to my table. It was taller than I expected! But it smelled sooo good and tempting. I tore it and surprised to see a layer of sugar on the crispy paper-thin roti. I thought it only has some sprinkles of sugar.

Roti tisu with vanilla ice cream - crispy, paper thin and served tall ($9.5)

Did I like it? Damn yeah I love it. It was crispy, sweet, and the ice cream is not really needed actually, but I devoured it anyway. My favourite part of the roti tisu was the bottom part, which was not as crispy as the other parts, and had a hint of butter. Man it was amazing. It is a little bit too sweet for me in the end, so I couldn't finish it completely. Shame on me! But I really love it. If I didn't eat anything before coming there I would definitely finished the hat-shaped tisu!

Vanilla ice-cream
Layer of sugar on roti tisu

I say, Mamak is a must-eat restaurant. Even if you are not a desert person, you ought to order roti tisu! And Mamak get packed quickly, so if you plan to dine here, make sure you get early or you will have to wait in a long queue.

Pretty photo of roti making

 I'll come again to Mamak. I still have unfinished business with roti tisu..

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great roti selection (order roti tisu!), price is affordable, service is helpful, ambiance is nice.



15 Goulburn Street, Haymarket, Sydney 

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  1. hehe i love the roti tissue at mamak! esp with condensed milk yum!

  2. Yeah man it's great! doesn't condensed milk make it even sweeter? hehee


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