Friday, 3 June 2011

Luneburger, Sydney

Their shop smells so good in the morning.
Luneburger Henry Deane shop

I always walk past Luneburger German bakery when I'm walking to uni. It always smells so good, warm breads with some hint of coffee beans.

Luneburger is a German bakery, they have shops in many parts of Australia, but I've only seen the one in QVB and the one in Henry Deane plaza. They offer many types of German breads, such as rye, sunflower seed bread, crusty breads, flame bake breads, and so on. They also sell pastries and cold sandwiches.

That day, I decided to have salami sandwich with unseeded bread roll. I forgot the price again, sorry mates. My bad.

Noticing that the sandwich was relatively small, I also ordered a plum crumble.

The sandwich was good. The salami was flavorsome, and the Swiss was just awesome. The bread was a little bit chewy and dry but still tasted good nevertheless. There was green herb sauce which, I suspect, made the burger flavorsome. The salami, apparently, got some kind of herbs on the edge. I couldn't taste what herbs are they.

Unseeded sandwich with salami and Swiss cheese
The salami sandwich innards

The plum crumble was also great. It was not too sweet, the plum slices were given generously. I love the crumble, they literally just melt in your mouth. I can tasted some sprinkle of sugar in the crumble. I savoured it very slowly, for it was soooo good.

Plum crumble in the box
Plum crumble innards
Plum crumble

I know those breads will taste good. They smell amazing every morning!



Shop 72 Lower Ground, Queen Victoria Building
455 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Shop 14A2, (Ground Level) Henry Deane Plaza
14 Lee Street, Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9264 2377

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