Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hungry Jacks, Sydney

Call this a tribute to Hungry Jacks.
Hungry Jacks sign

I worked at Hungry Jacks. I quit because I'm going back to Indo, but I feel the need to pay a tribute for it since the place means a lot for me. That was my first job, and I was so exited 'cause I get to work with food.

Hungry Jack's name in Indo is Burger King. When I first came in Oz and went to Circular Quay, Hungry Jack's was the first food I bought. That day I couldn't even finish a cheeseburger large meal! After working there I was surprised that a cheeseburger is quite small.

Working at Hungry Jacks is a great experience. I met great people, from the managers and the crews. The experiences vary from a customer threw a pack of chips at me, the complaints, the silly big orders, a day full of vegies orders (veggie nightmare!), and the not-working machines. I learn how to deal with problem, how to accept and deal with other people's characteristics, how to stay calm facing angry customers, and so on. Celebrating a manager's birthday, free Starbucks for everyone, training new crews and being trained, and winning a Coke's GO LARGE competition were so much fun. Eventhough I got my ups and downs working there, over all I'm quite sad to leave them. But hey what a great experience!

Clockwise L-R: manager's bday cake, Starbucks for everyone, my Starbucks iced chocolate, a farewell gift from a friend
Top: special brekkie wrap (with cheese, egg, and bacon). Bottom: HJ pancakes

Though I'd worked for about 8 months there, I haven't try all of the menu. So far, my best two are Angry Angus burger and Chicken Royale in a wrap. I do not have photos of Angry Angus, but it contains a/two angus patty(s), melted American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, angry onions, and ketchup. For me, the thing that make this burger so good is the angry onions. They are crunchy and a little bit spicy, but also flavorsome. But be aware that if you don't eat the burger right away after it's been made, the crunchy angry onions will be soggy.

Love on my wrap

Chicken Royale is usually made on a 7" buns, but I prefer it to be in a toasted tortilla wrap. I love to add bacon, cheese, and some ketchup. I love my sauce, man. Toast it, and the wrap will be crunchy, bite it and you'll get the crunchy chicken royale patty, accompanied by the melted cheese and rasher bacon. Yum.

Chicken royale in a wrap
Crunchy chicken patty
The wrap innards

My meal with orange juice

Apart from those two, I also have tried Tendercrisp chicken, which is said to be the best chicken menu there (the tendercrisp patty is the best I believe, but they are too big to be in a wrap), cheeseburger (best seller), and grilled chicken (salty chicken patty with creamy ranch sauce). But my best ones are still those two.

Grilled chicken in a wrap meal

Having said that, I wanna thank Hungry Jacks for giving me such an amazing first job experience!

Note: how awesome is today's Masterchef? Nigella Lawson was there and Billy got to cook twice! And blue team won! Yay! Go Billy!!
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