Saturday, 11 June 2011

Furama Cake Shop, Haymarket - Sydney

As a uni student, I need a wallet friendly bakery around..
Furama cake shop make sure I can get some breads or cakes when I need something to nibble on. That's why I was so glad to find that there is Furama across the road, where there are adequate options of breads and cakes for me hehee.

Furama is a Chinese cake shop, popular among students. You can see students going there every morning, looking for cheap breads for quick breakfast. Obviously, their breads are not Becasse quality, but they are cheap. I guess that's why they are popular. They also sell sliced cakes, pancakes, and pies. This shop is self-serve, where tongs and trays are provided.

Cakes display

My favourite bread from Furama would be the BBQ pork bun. The filling is generous, full of chunks of pork, caramelized onions, and some kind of BBQ sauce. It is so delicious, and if you are lucky, you can get the fresh buns, which are soft and fluffy. Hot from the oven. I used to eat this BBQ pork bun three times a day hehee.

BBQ pork bun ($1.60)
BBQ pork bun innards

Beside BBQ pork bun, I also like their tuna bun, which has thick paste containing tuna and mushrooms.

For the pies, there are only 4 of them. Sausage roll, tuna pie, BBQ pork pie, and curry beef pie. My heart is torn between the curry beef and the BBQ pork. Both pie's pastry are good, crunchy and flaky, and shining on top, resulting from egg-yolk brushing. The BBQ pork filling is the same as the filling of BBQ pork bun. The curry beef filling is beef mince with curry sauce. Both are very nice, flavorsome, and irresistible for me.

Curry beef  pie ($1.60)
Curry beef  pie innards
BBQ pork pie ($1.60)
BBQ pork pie innards

I have only tried 2 types of their cake options: chocolate butter cake and mango pancake. The chocolate butter cake is dry, but tastes quite nice (as a defense, it's cheap man!).

Chocolate butter cake ($1.20)

Mango pancake, however, is very good. The skin is thin and soft, and inside there are 3 layers, which are: sponge cake, mango jam with mango chunks, and custard. I love the mango jam and the custard. They are so soft and not sickly sweet. The texture is completed by the sponge cake too.

Mango pancake ($1.90)
Layers inside the mango pancake

Some of my friends said the other cakes are not so good, but I never tried them.

Anyways, though their quality is not a top one, Furama is sure one great place to get my breakfast.



Level 2 Prince Centre
8 Quay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000 

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  1. Does anyone where the old pastry chef has gone? I went in to get some Napoleon pastry today, only to find that all the cakes have changed! Furama had the best napolean pastry in Sydney! Delicate crispy meringue with whole walnuts, sandwiched between light fluffy pastry


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