Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fried Bread Sticks, Cabramatta - Sydney

Just a quick post today guys,
Fried bread sticks (you tiao)
..because I'm too tired, so busy packing things today. I am going back homee!! I'm so excited hihihihi. What a stressful day today though, I don't believe my things are that heavy! And I have to leave my two large jars of Nutella 'cause my bags are too full already nooooooo. The craziest thing is that half of my suitcase is full of chocolates and other foods. Crap I don't believe I bought so many food for the family and my boy.

Half of it are foods..
The highlight of today is the fried bread sticks or you tiao from AA cakes, Cabramatta. I was lucky to get it fresh from the fryer. They are still maximum crunchy outside, and warm and fluffy inside. Yum. But I'm sorry the full post about Cabramatta have to wait. Sorry.

Fried bread sticks again 'cause it's so yummy
Starting tomorrow, my post will be mostly about Indo foods guys. But I still have some posts about Oz in store anyway.

I am going homeeee yay yay yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy !!!!!!

Ready to goooo!
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