Thursday, 16 June 2011

First Day Back Home, Jakarta

It was 7 hours of absolute sufferings.
Best view of the clouds

Man it was the worst flight EVER. Not anyone's fault, the stewardess and all were friendly, but man I hate hate HATE flying!!! I almost puked up there. and I didn't eat anything heavy because I was too nauseous.

Anyways anyways.. I am so happy to be home at least!! Oh how I miss home. I was so happy to see the family and the boy again.

I'm still a bit jetlag here, but I wanna make post about the airplane food, and the food I ate here. Hehee.

The plane's food is actually okay, I didn't eat much 'cause the smell only make me wanna puke more. There were 2 options, beef rendang (slow cooked beef with traditional spices) with rice or chicken tomato pasta with olive sauce. I opted for the second options, because I didn't fell like eating rice.

The meal came with pasta salad, mini crusty bread roll with cheese and butter, white chocolate cake, and any choice of drink. I ended up just eating half of the bread (very slowly), and the green peas of the pasta. The taste was actually quite nice, but I couldn't handle it any longer.

My plane meal
Chicken tomato pasta with olive sauce
I drank a lot anyway, 4 cups of juice in total. And I like the Peters' Billabong ice cream.

Mixed nuts snack and ice cream
Arriving here, with hardly any food in my belly, I was hungry. So my mom bought a chocolate frosted donut. Yum.

Donuts display
Chocolate frosted donut
O yeah I ate a Japanese mochi too,didn't know the name, but it was the smoothest mochi I've ever eaten. It was like marsmallow-texture.

Smoothest mochi
Despite of this jetlag, I'm so happy to be back here. And of course, Jakarta's foods, here I come.

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