Monday, 13 June 2011

Emperor's Garden Cakes and Bakery, Haymarket - Sydney

Honestly, it's the fried dumplings that lure me there.
Dumplings tray

Emperor's Garden bakery and cakes is located next to Emperor's Garden restaurant in Chinatown. They are actually just another bakery in Chinatown, but the thing that makes them special is the options of deep fried dumplings.

Emperor's Garden bakery
The bag of dumplings

They also offer breads, buns, and cakes, but deep fried dumplings are the ones I got my eyes on.


I've tried few things from this bakery. Cocktail bun and fried sesame dumpling were the first ones that I tried.

Cocktail bun and fried sesame dumpling

I love the cocktail bun, sweet soft bread with sweet coconut filling. I like the filling which is not overly sweet. The bun is soft too.

Cocktail bun innards

The fried sesame dumpling is a bit confusing, because I don't know what the filling is. I am guessing it's red bean. But I don't really like how it tastes so I only eat the crunchy-chewy dumpling skin.

The filling of sesame dumpling (red bean?)

Then, before my trip to Mamak, I tried vegetables gyoza, taro dumpling, and pork dumpling. I actually don't know the names of those dumplings, I just made them up hehee.

Pork dumpling, yam dumpling, and veggie gyoza ($1 each)

The gyoza-like dumpling is nice. The skin is quite like gyoza (Japanese dumplings), and the filling consists of vegetables, mushrooms, and some chicken chunks.

Gyoza innards

The taro dumpling is the best. The filling is very tasty pork mince, and the outer skin is wrapped with some crunchy flakes. I love it. It's not oily either. So delicious and addictive.

Taro dumpling
Taro dumpling innards
Innards again cause I love it so much

The pork dumpling's filling is similar with the yam dumpling's filling, but the dumpling skin is different. This one's not made of yam, and much chewier. And a little bit sweet. But it also tasty.

O yeah all of the dumplings are only $1 each! Perfect for afternoon snacks mmmm.

Then I got curious of their custard puff because I always see queue for there puffs. So I decided to try them. They taste okay, piping hot custard inside of the sweet puffs, fresh from the custard puff-making-machine. I don't really like them though, I just think they are bland in flavour. Or maybe it's just me 'cause there are so many people queuing for these puffs.

Emperor's puffs ($1 for 4)
The puff innards

I'll stick with the fried dumplings thank you..



96-100 Hay Street
Haymarket, NSW 2000

(02) 9211 2135

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  1. I'm one of them in the long queue. GOD! I miss Sydney now! Try eating them in winter, twice the delicacy. But couldn't agree more on the fried dumplings. Superscrumptious!

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