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The Eight Yum Cha, Market City - Sydney

MY FAVOURITE FOOD IS YUM CHA. or dim sims. or whatever you'd like to call it.
The Eight menu

I love them so much. I eat dim sums in Indo a lot. And when I know the dim sums are called yum cha in Australia, I know I'm going to eat them right away. But actually, I've only eaten yum cha once in Sydney. And it's at the Eight restaurant.

In Cantonese, the term yum cha itself means 'drinking tea', and many countries use the term dim sims or dim sums in the place of yum cha. Originally, 'dim sims' refers to small dishes of food, while 'yum cha' refers to the whole meal experience.

I just have to say, I'm impressed by the trolleys full of dishes, stacked high with bamboo dim sums steamers or deep fried goodness on plates, offering customers many many dizzying options of dim sums. I just feel like I want to try them all. I'd never seen things like that before. The whole experience was very exciting, when the women of the trolleys put plates of dim sums on your table, and a few seconds next you will be tempted by another trolleys, and the cycle goes on.

Trolleys full of dreams (lol)

And here are the foods. Eleven typical yum cha dishes, which were very satisfying:

1. Fried wontons (I don't know the Chinese name), with prawns.
These are great, perfect way to start a meal, offering crunchy golden skin with tasty prawns innards.

2. Prawns spring rolls, wrapped with bean curd.
I don't know if I can call these spring rolls, but that's how they taste like. Very tasty nevertheless.

3. Deep fried bread sticks in rice noodles (ja leung).
The bread sticks are light but crunchy, and the rice noodles adds extra texture to every bite.

4. Prawn dumplings (har gao).
Everyone said that good har gao means good restaurant. So the quality of a yum cha restaurant depends on their har gao. If that so, the Eight is pretty good 'cause their har gao are great. The prawns inside are still beautifully juicy.

5. Garlic chives dumplings (gow choi gao).
Nothing special about these ones, but they are tasty and the filling are good.

6. Chicken feet (fung jao).
My friends were skeptical about this dish, and they were a little bit afraid to eat a chicken foot. That's soo weird for me because THIS is my favourite dim sums. Seriously I love these feet hehee. I love tearing apart the delicious skin from the feet, I love the sauce, which includes black bean and chilli. I just love chicken feet. And this one's no exception.

7. Pork with black bean, chilli, and long rice noodles (pai gwut).
This one's is a big hit on my table. We loved it because it's so tasty. Despite of the oily sauce all over, eating the chewy, long rice noodles is pretty satisfying. And the pork are tender and very flavoursome.

8. Fried sticky rice wrapped with bean curd.
These are nice too, the sticky rice innards is satisfyingly chewy and tasty.

9. BBQ pork pies.
I was hoping to try the steamed BBQ pork bun, but they are nowhere in sight. SO we tried these. They are kinda disappointing, not enough BBQ pork filling, a little bit too thick pastry.

10. Mango sago.
The first dessert, and this is the best dessert I've eaten so far. Sooooooo mesmerizing. It isn't overly sweet, but very refreshing. The sago pearls and mango chunks give great textures, and the mango chunks themselves are pretty sweet. I was craving for more but they decided to try other dessert (sad face).

11. Taro and coconut milk pudding.
I don't like this pudding at all. To creamy for me, and they are just too soft. Or maybe that's how they supposed to be but I found it hard to eat because they just falling apart. And I don't like the taste. I want more mango sago!!! Or the mango pancakes.. they look delicious..

I'd like to eat yum cha again, and I'm trying other good looking dim sums. But mango sago will be my first choice for the dessert.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great yum cha (esp the mango sago), price is reasonable, service is helpful, nice ambiance and spacious area.



Level 5, Market City
9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket Chinatown, Sydney
(02) 9282 9988 

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  1. Oooo The Eight. I've always wanted to go there, I keep reading reviews about their great dishes. The deep fried wontons look delicious! I'd definitely be a fan of the mango sago too! Yum!

  2. the wontons were good! but the mango sago..omg i still dream about that sometimes lol. thanks for stopping by! :)


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