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D'Cost, Daan Mogot Mall - Jakarta

Nothing beats good, wallet friendly seafood..

..and that's why D'Cost is so popular here. D'Cost is a seafood restaurant, you can find it almost everywhere in Jakarta. It's well known because the seafood there are cheap but still good. The quality is mediocre actually, but well.. they're cheap anyway.

However, to my dismay, when I came back home and dined here, I found that the price has significantly increased. Booo. So I was looking forward to taste if the food quality increases too. But after finished eating, I think the quality stays the same.

The menu
The drinks variety here is typical, nothing special for me. The prices are relatively cheaper than drinks in other restaurants. We ordered some sweet ice tea and lemon tea for the brother. The rice is pretty cheap too, only IDR 1,000 ($0.10), unlimited.

Lemon tea - IDR 5,000 ($0.56) and ice tea - IDR 250 ($0.02)
Rice - IDR 1,000 unlimited ($0.10)
The other thing  I love about this restaurant is the sambal (chilli sauce). They offer two types of sambal, sambal terasi (shrimp paste chilli sauce) and sambal mangga (chilli with young mango). My fav is the sambal mangga. The sour, julienned mango gives really nice accompaniment for the spicy sambal.

Sambal terasi and sambal mangga - IDR 2,000 each ($0.22)
Tahu kipas is another menu, it's fried tofu with vegetables and prawns filling. They're very tasty and crunchy, but one tofu only got one big prawn inside.

Tahu kipas - IDR 19,000 ($2.1)
Cah kangkung with garlic (stir fried water spinach with garlic) is another recommendation, I've always love kangkung (or kangkong), and this dish got some heat o yeah. It's also very tasty, and that's why I always order at least two of this dish everytime I dine here.

Cah kangkung with garlic - IDR 7,000 ($0.7)
Sapi lada hitam (black pepper beef) is the brother's fav, I was kinda skeptical about this dish 'cause I thought beef dish in seafood restaurant won't be good, but oh boy how wrong I was. The beef slices are tender nad succulent, the black pepper sauce will increase your adrenaline 'cause it's spicy. Even for me. But it's delicious and moreish.

Sapi lada hitam - IDR 29,000 ($3.2)
Cumi goreng tepung (deep fried calamari) is another favourite, the thinly battered calamari are golden brown and very crunchy, but it comes in very small portion.

Cumi goreng tepung - IDR 19,000 ($2.1)
Sayur asem (sour vegetables soup), however, is a dissapointment, it's very bland and lack of seasoning, it seemed like the soup is made from commercial sayur asem seasoning powder.

Sayur asem - IDR 4,000 ($0.4)
Kerang bambu saus padang (bamboo clams with Padang style sauce). I love clams, and bamboo clams are not an exception. They are chewy but very moreish at the same time, and the spicy Padang style sauce just makes this dish perfect. I always lick the plate clean hehee. This one's a real kicker for me.

The let down is that on my second visit here, my kerang bambu saus Padang is kinda cold, and the sauce is very little given.

Kerang bambu saus Padang - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

Apart from those, I've also tried buncis muda ala Singapur or stir fried green beans Singapore style (IDR 12,000/$1.3), which I have no idea why is it said to be Singapore style. It's stir fried green beans with mince chicken, and the taste is okay. The beans are still crunchy.

Cumi goreng kremes or fried calamari with flakes (IDR 19,000/$2.1) is similar with cumi goreng tepung (mentioned above), only this one uses the head part of the squids, and the flour crumbs are much more aplenty.

Tahu Jepang saus tiram or fried soft tofu with oyster sauce (IDR 19,000/$2.1) is my dad's fav, but for me it's kinda bland.

One down point about this restaurant is that most of the dish come in small portion, but maybe it's tactic so that we will order again and ended with long bills in our hands after that. And sometimes there are some inconsistency from the dish, especially when the restaurant is packed during lunch and dinner times.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Good seafood although portions can be small, very affordable price, quick service, ambiance quite OK.



Daan Mogot Mall Lv 2
Daan Mogot Street Km.16

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