Sunday, 12 June 2011

Chocolate Dipped Strawberies, David Jones Food Hall - Sydney

I think I'll love anything dipped in chocolate..
Chocolate dipped strawberries display

..especially strawberries. And bananas. Mmm. And that's why I love David Jones food hall at Westfield City. It's such a shame that not all of David Jones got a food hall.

Yeah I love chocolate dipped strawberries. And the one best place to get it (for me) is here, David Jones food hall. There are so many options, from milk chocolate dipped, dark chocolate dipped, chocolate dipped with almonds or apple crumbles, and so on. There are also chocolate dipped bananas, figs, and dates, but my fav one is strawberry.

Another strawberries display

I've only tried two kinds actually, the dark chocolate dipped strawberry with almonds, and milk chocolate dipped strawberry with apple crumbles.

The dark chocolate dipped strawberry with almonds is sooo good. The chocolate coating is thick, and I always love almonds with chocolate. The lady behind the counter gave me the one with two strawberries, love it hehee.

Dark chocolate dipped strawberry with almonds ($3)

 The milk chocolate dipped strawberry with apple crumbles is also nice, but I can't really taste the apple crumbles. It's still nice though. I love the chocolate.

Milk chocolate dipped strawberry with apple crumbles ($3)

Also, I love being at David Jones food hall 'cause there are so many displays. These are some of the things that you can find there:

Pralines display
Veggies display
Desserts and quinches
Cakes (yum)
Breads and rolls
Clockwise L-R: marshmallow purse, marshmallow teddy bear (or piggy?), marshmallow flower, marshmallow ice cream

And you may score some samples there! Freebies freebiesss.

Lasagna sample

Those displays are foods for my eyes really. So pretty. I hope all David Jones have a food hall..



David Jones Westfield City, G Level
Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9266 5544

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  1. dj food hall is crazy awesome! love browsing the aisles and staring at the pretty displays and aw man now i really want some strawberries!


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