Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Checking Circular Quay Out

I used to work at Circular Quay, but have only visited Opera House once.
 Sydney harbour bridge and beautiful water

That's a shame. So today I decided to walk around CQ to find out what's in the place. For those who don't know Circular Quay, it is a part of the Sydney's city circle, where you can find Sydney's Opera House, Royal Botanical Garden, The Rocks, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney harbour bridge, and ferries wharfs to go to Luna Park, Manly, Taronga Zoo, and so on. It always gets crowded by tourists, esp on weekends.

L-R: Sydney Opera House and Sydney harbour bridge

The Rocks itself is well known for Australian. It is an old part of the city, where the Indigenous Cadigal people inhabited for thousands of years. It eventually grew to be a popular place for the community. Its history can be traced in the many old, surviving buildings around. When you walk around the Rocks, you can see some bakery, cafes, and shops in old fashioned buildings. They are beautiful.

Today, I walked to Opera House, and relaxed at the Botanical Garden. If it wasn't that cold today, I'd stay there longer.

Clockwise L-R: Opera House, bench at Botanical Garden, my shoes
'House mates'

Cold weather makes me wanna eat. Hehee. So I looked for something to eat. The first thing I ate was hot chips. How good is eating hot, crunchy chips in this weather? Bought it from the Quay Seafood, opposite Wharf 4.

Quay seafood
Hot chips ($3.8)

Still not satisfied (or full enough), I went to Gelatissimo to buy gelato. Yeah gelato. In this weather. I've been craving ice cream since yesterday I don't care about the freezing wind lol. I opted for the chocolate fondant, they seemed to calling my name to try them hehee. Gelatissimo is offering 16 death by chocolate flavours btw, all of them seem pretty tempting. The chocolate fondant proved to be as good as it sounded, thick chocolate taste with some chocolate chunks.

Chocolate fondant gelato ($4.6)
Gelato and sorbet display

I walked past Guylian cafe but didn't feel like dining there alone. But I was still hungry! I was feeling like pizza, and was gonna go to nearby deli but I decided to go to the Rocks to find something nice.

I love how the shops look, traditional wooden doors and stuff. So pretty. I was looking for Pancakes in The Rocks but couldn't find it! And suddenly my eyes got a glance of the name: Lowenbrau. That name seemed familiar to me but I didn't remember why. But when I saw the banner saying: "Try our pork knuckle!", I knew what I was gonna have for lunch. I won't review it here, 'cause the knuckle is too good I want to make one special post for it hehee. The Lowenbrau post will be next.

Cakes display and old fashioned shops

Anyways, after demolishing the knuckle I went to Gelatissimo again to get a scoop of lemon sorbet, just to balance the saltiness from the crackling. It worked perfectly, the sourness of the sorbet balanced the saltiness in my mouth and I just happily licked it to the end.

Lemon sorbet ($4.6 - small)

I should go to Circular Quay more often!

Doggie eating ice cream

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  1. 1. spatu lu unyuuuu.... >.<
    2. itu toko gelato yg merek itu kayanya ada deh di jkt, gw serasa pernah liat..
    3. sialan, gw ngiler dong ngeliat foto2 gelato nya, parah sampe ga sadar mulut gw kebuka pas ngeliat fotonyaaa bahahaha..

  2. woiwooiii
    lu ngeliatin blog gw terus ya makasi ya gw jadi terharu :)

    ada ya?yakin lu?
    eheheheh enak loh apalagi yg coklat yumyum


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