Sunday, 5 June 2011

Café 10, Aerial Function Centre

The weather was terrible.
Pho from Cafe 10

If you live in Sydney, you must know how terrible the weather has been in this winter. It's much better now, at least we don't have to face 8 degrees morning or something like that again (hopefully).

On that day, it was very windy and cold. And I have to walk quite far to attend my final exam. I couldn't help it but to crave some pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup). Luckily, I know that Café 10 got pho on its menu. So there I went.

Café 10 is located in Aerial function centre, level 2. It is hard to miss because it is always busy during lunch time and it is located just after the entry of the building. It is usually packed with uni students, maybe because it offers many many options of meals, from sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizzas, to Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Students quequeing
Cafe 10 interior

The pho there is very much like pho that we usually get in Cabramatta, but I noticed that the flavour is slightly different. Of course I prefer the ones in Cabramatta, as Cafe 10's pho is less flavorsome. But it is nice nevertheless, and the hot soup warmed my body instantly. The beef, I noticed, was more cooked than the beef slices on pho from Cabramatta Vietnamese restaurants, which are usually still slightly raw.

Pho (Vietnamese beef noddle soup) from Cafe 10 ($8)

My (silly) classmate, Linda, didn't feel like eating anything heavy, so she got wedges with sour cream and sweet chili dip. I score some of the wedges, and they were glorious. They were crunchy golden wedges, perfectly seasoned, and the dip completed those wedges perfectly. Linda even asked for refill of the dip.

Golden potato wedges ($8)
Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli dip

Café 10 menus are not overpriced, I guess. However, their juices are slightly overpriced, I bought small orange juice for $4.

Sometimes in you are in the middle of terrible weather, such a place that offers hot and good food like Café 10 is all that you need.

Rating: 2/5 (OK/Average)
Nice dishes, student's price although juices are pricey, service OK, good ambiance.



235 Jones Street, Ultimo
(inside Aerial Function Centre)
(02) 9514 4764

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