Monday, 6 June 2011

Breakfast at Fairfield, Sydney

I am a sucker for making my breakfast..
Brother's bakery, Fairfield

..because I'd rather save 15 minutes for extra sleeping than to wake up early to make breakfast hehee. I seldom make my own breakfast, so it is really important for me to have one place to get my breakfast everyday.

Thankfully, there is one bakery nearby Fairfield station, called the brother's bakery, whose brekkie breads are sold for just $1-2! How good is that. And I will definitely not gonna miss my train because it's just a few steps from this bakery. This bakery also sell drinks, chicken and pork rolls, desert cakes, and all of the things that a bakery usually has.

When I first came to Sydney, my brekkie was usually Vietnamese chicken salad roll which cost me about $3. After I know this kind-of-hidden bakery, I simply just pull out $2 coin every morning. Yes you read right, I have their breads every single morning. No no it's not just because they're cheap, but they're so good! These breads are homemade, every morning they will make new breads.

The breads display

My 5 favourite breads from this bakery are: pizza bread, ham and pineapple, hot pepperoni, cheese and bacon, and chicken pineapple.

Pizza bread is my absolute favourite. It is just a simple bread, topped with some beef mince, tomato sauce, capsicum, onions, black olives, and melted cheese. It is so delicious. Every component on the top of the bread are just complementing each other and make the first bite to be full of flavour. I love the black olives. The bread itself is soft, and ask the friendly woman behind the counter to heat it for you so you got soft, warm bread.

Pizza bread ($2)
Pizza bread up close

Ham and pineapple is my second choice when they run out of the pizza. It's same type of bread, topped with diced ham and pineapple, but just a little amount of cheese. Although it doesn't have gooey melted cheese wrapping the topping, the sweetness of the pineapple really balances the saltiness of the ham. That's what that makes this bread is also very tempting every morning.

Ham and pineapple bread ($2)

I like the hot pepperoni because.. well because it's spicy obviously. The bread is topped with sliced of spicy pepperoni and melted cheese. I noticed the amount of cheese on this bread is more than the cheese on the pizza bread. Although this bread is also flavorsome, I prefer the pizza bread because it has more topping.

Hot pepperoni bread ($2)

I know the cheese and bacon is Australian favourite. I also love cheese and bacon, but they use different type of bread for their cheese and bacon, which is a little chewy. The cheese is not enough for me too, but since it only cost $1, I cannot say much hey? The flavour is nevertheless good.

Cheese and bacon ($1)

Chicken and pinneapple is actually similar with ham and pineapple. But this bread is also topped with BBQ sauce which makes it a little bit too sweet for my liking. I like it but, minced chicken with generous topping of pineapple.

Chicken and pineapple bread ($2)
Chicken and pineapple bread ($2)

Their breads are my great comfort brekkie in the morning. Definitely getting some breads tomorrow..


Shop 2/52 The Crescent
(nearby Fairfield Railway station)

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