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Bau Truong and AA Cakes, Cabramatta - Sydney

Cabramatta is a must-go destination in Sydney..
Bau Truong least in my opinion. It is one of my favourite places in Sydney, since there are a lot of food sold there. And I like Vietnamese food. In Cabramatta, there are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, making us confused about which one to choose. For me, Bau Truong and Tan Viet are two of the best, but since I visited Tan Viet long long ago, I'll just post about Bau Truong here.

I've to say, Bau Truong's queue is much shorter that Tan Viet. It seems like Tan Viet is the most popular restaurant. But I always find that Bau Truong is packed with hungry customers as well, mostly Vietnamese people.

The food here is pretty good. My favourite one would be the seafood spring rolls. They are very crunchy outside, and the seafood innards are juicy and taste beautiful. I usually eat it by wrapping it with the lettuce leaf, with some chili and pickled chopped veggies.

Seafood spring rolls
Spring roll innards

Beef pho (beef rice noodles) is also a must, tender, slightly raw sliced beef atop slippery rice noodles in a rich soup. It comes in a quite big bowl, and best eaten when the weather is windy and terrible.

Beef pho
Complimentary raw veggies, chillies, and sauces

I actually often eat here, but on those time I haven't started the blog yet so I didn't have any review whatsoever. There are many options here at Bau Truong, and most of them are great for me.

And it is almost a sin for me if I go to Cabra and not buy the street food there. Man there are heaps of them, easily bought when you wandering on the street.

On of the bests is the pandan waffle, how I love them. It's so tasty, love-shaped thin waffles with dessicated coconut on the batter. Best if eaten warm and fresh.

Pandan waffles

I also often go to AA Cakes, where typical Vietnamese cakes and bakery are sold. I've tried some of the cakes, which are: chicken pie, custard pastry, BBQ pork bun, fried bread stick, combination dumpling (banh cam man), and banh tieu.
AA cakes
Egg custard pies

I don't have the photo of the chicken pie, as I ate it long time ago, but it is great and the filling is big and tasty.

Custard pastry and BBQ pork bun
Banh tieu, combination dumpling, fried bread sticks

The custard pastry is pretty good, the custard is not overly sweet. BBQ pork bun tastes okay, the bread is soft but the filling is too little.

Custard pastry

Fried bread stick, as I've mentioned before, is pretty good. I wanna get some now mmm.

Fried bread sticks

The dumpling is good too, but again, the filling is not enough complimenting the thick dumpling skin.

Banh tieu is a fried bread too, with sesame seeds on top. I don't like it.

And don't forget the custard puff too, which I don't like either because for me they're kinda tasteless.

Custard puffs

There are a lot of drinks stalls around Cabra, and my fav one is the durian shake. I love how thick it is, and definitely made of real durian flesh. Yum!

Durian shake

Cabramatta is surely a food paradise. And the best thing is: no need to bring a lot of money here, most of the street foods are cheap!

Rating (Bau Truong): 5/5 (Must try)
Exquisite Vietnamese dishes, quick service although a bit ignorant, nice ambiance, price is reasonable.



42 John Street, Cabramatta, Sydney
(02) 9727 4492

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Phone: (02) 9726 5632

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  1. pandan waffle! durian shake! custard puffs! <33333

  2. Ohh my goddd those springs and dough stick look good. Also pho is best in Cabra, yumyum

  3. almost everything in Cabra is good hehe :)


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