Saturday, 28 May 2011

Very First Entry


I have been dreaming of starting my own food blog since I read Chocolatesuze. Well, this is not my first blog actually, my first was a blog that I made just as a part of my assignment in high school.

I was not always this obsessed to food, I started to find that I am a foodie since I started reading food blogs, such as Chocolatesuze, Grab Your Fork, and A Table for Two. I also realize that my favourite scene from the movie Narnia (The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe) is when Edmund eats Turkish Delight from the Witch!

Then I started taking photos of my food, and I develop some kind of urge to cook and bake. Well here it is! My own food blog!

This blog is actually a diary of my digestion stuff. But I also hope that maybe this blog can inspire someone to believe that food is not only a fuel for humans, it is one of the sources of happiness! Well at least it is for me. One of my motivation to wake up every morning, though sleepy, is food. I always think what will I eat today. That's why I manage to get up.

Anywayss I'm not a professional photographer, nor a professional writer. Totally amateur here. So maybe there are gonna be some errors in my posts. Hopefully I'll get better overtime.

Sooo enjoy reading folks!
Long live the foods!
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