Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Easter Show 2011

Cheese on a stick successfully tempted me.

I know it's already a few months ago, but this show was really a highlight for me. But sorry mates I don't remember the price of the foods anymore. Faill

At first, I didn't really wanna go to the Easter Show, because my classmates weren't interested. But when my cousin said it's interesting and they will come with me, I was definitely going! I was soo curious about the cheese on a stick since I read Chocolatesuze's post. I want the showbags too.

Well how was it? I LOVE IT!!
Definitely love it. I love the shows, the animals, but the foods there were just awesome. It was like the food paradise there lol.

We (my cousins and I) went by the train. It was not as packed as I expected, but it was rainy. Arriving there, the first show we watched was the dog-guarding-lamb thing (don't really know what it's called). It was cool though, they showed how the clever dog herding the lambs. I love dogs.

Clockwise from L-R: the cousins, The Easter Show entrance, ghost house, lamb herding show.

After the show we went buying some hot drinks at nearby stall, and that was the first time I tried the Dagwood dog. Like it. For those who haven't known, Dagwood dog or pluto pup is a sausage covered in cornmeal batter and then deep fried. I like the sausage, and though the batter was thick, it was quite delicious and actually complemented the sausage really well. I like ketchup so didn't mind that it's covered heavily with ketchup.

Top L-R: Dagwood dog, Dagwood dog innards. Bottom: fried stuff display.

Then we walked to the Woolworth fresh food dome, and I was so happy too find so many food stalls there. I was thinking to buy Coon grilled cheese sandwich but then decided not to, I was saving room for cheese on a stick and the twisted chips hehee. Anyways the exhibition was great, I love the district's displays, I couldn't believe they were made of fruits and nuts and veggies. They were awesome.

I love the food stalls too. There were so many of them, offering different types of foods. I really hoped I can try them all.

Warning for the real cupcakes display.
Top L-R: jam and marmalade display, chips and nuts display. Bottom: waffle display.

There was this one stall that really got my attention. The chili stall. It seemed that they sell every kind of chili from really mild to the hell-scattering hot. Didn't stop cause the others didn't seem to be really interested. I will definitely check them out next year. Did I mention I really love chilli and hot foods? O yeah I do.

The chili stall.

Done at the dome, we went outside and then the yellow-red stall caught my eye. Cheese on a stick! I rushed there, and ordered one cheese on a stick and one fresh lemonade. The cheese on a stick is definitely for a cheese lover. Bite into the quite sweet and crisp bread coating, and you'll find the hot gooey melted cheese inside. It was great, but I'd prefer it to be more salty. The fresh lemonade was satisfying, fresh lemon juice mixed with soda. It's sooo much better than Sprite or other artificial lemonade.

Cheese on a stick.
Cheese on a stick innards.
 Fresh lemonade.

We walked again, and I was looking for Robosaurus show, but it seemed like they weren't showing the Robosaurus on that day because it's raining and wet. Even the motorbikes people couldn't do extreme stunts 'cause the area was too wet. Shame, I'll watch it next year.

Coming to the animals area, I saw a koala! That was the first real koala I've seen in my whole life. It was so calm and cute.

I didn't really like the barns though. They were smelly. But I like the animals. The best one was the pigs. They looked so delicious cute. I joined the piglets patting show but didn't stay there for a long time. Too smelly.

Baby kangaroo, alpaca, and the cows.
Mommy pig and the piglets.

After seeing the animals we were feeling kinda hungry so we bought the chips on a stick. I had have my eyes on these chips before coming to the show actually. And they tasted sooo good. Mine was the cheese-chilli flavored and the cousins ordered the BBQ and special mix.

L-R: BBQ chips on a stick, cheese-chili chips on a stick.

I didn't go to many rides, actually only two, which are the ghost hotel and psychedelic experience. I hate the ghost hotel. I didn't expect there will be people whispering to me in the dark! Errghh. Psychedelic was okay. It was some kind of light-dizzying room.

After checking the showbag hall, which was kinda disappointing because there weren't many options for the adults (ehem), we sat down and bought 'lunch'. The lunch were lamb shanks with salad, and I opt for ribs with chips. I guess that day was a really 'bad food' day lol. The ribs were okay, they were a little bit dry but some ketchup helped a little. Didn't try the lamb shanks 'cause I don't really like lamb.

Ribs with chips.
Lamb shanks with salad.

For dessert, I bought chocolate dipped banana. I was great! Love the frozen banana inside of the thick chocolate coating. I asked to have peanuts on it as well.
Chocolate dipped frozen banana.
Chocolate dipped frozen banana innards.

Next, we checked out the dogs and domestic animals exhibition. I like the dogs exhibition but a little disappointed with the domestic animals. I kinda hoped to see cats and rabbits. There were only rats there.

It was getting dark and we're getting ready to go home. I was too full to have twisted chips so I agreed to share steamed corn with Adriana. I love the corn. It was warm, salty, and really a perfect comfort food. I didn't go to the cake decoration exhibition like I planned (I forgot) but I will definitely do it next year. And yeah definitely getting the twisted chips next year!

Steamed corn cob with garlic salt

Note: that day was such a 'bad food' day, I got sick the next day! And o yeah I score Diva and Cadburry show bags.

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