Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bovine & Swine BBQ, Enmore

Meat, meat, and more meat.
Meat plate from Bovine & Swine

A bit of mac & cheese, but more meat please. Bovine and Swine BBQ Co. joins the bustling Enmore Rd lines of restaurants, and they sure have their own loyal fans, judging from the crowded queue, especially on weekends.

The four of us went on a Wednesday night, and although it was not as busy, there were always customers coming in constantly. There are not that many seats, the room's mostly occupied by the kitchen area, where owners Anton Hughes and Wes Griffiths play with their slow burner. The meat here is barbecued using ironbark, native Australian hardwood.

Bovine & Swine signage

Oh hello!

The counter is not only for ordering, but also to watch Anton cut and weigh the meat. My eyes were filled with lust for the meat, especially after he kindly cut little burnt ends from the brisket and gave it to us. Bless.
Anton chopping up pork

Four people meant that we could try everything on the menu. The meat plates are definitely recommended for big eaters or group; 'for one' gives you 2x200g meat and 1 side, while 'for two' puts 3x200g meat and 2 sides on the plate.

So we did try almost everything.

The first meat plate for two had chicken, brisket, and chopped pork, surrounded by mac n cheese, bacon beans, a handful of potato chips, and a little bowl of Carolina sauce (homemade BBQ sauce) which was the bomb. It just worked extremely perfect for every kind of meat that we tried. It was spicy, sour, and sweet. 

For two #1 - chicken, brisket, chopped pork with mac n cheese & bacon beans

The brisket was definitely a favourite. Tender and juicy, smoky meat with ribbons of fat inside that just melted in your mouth. Winner.


The chicken was slightly dry to our liking, but it still has this crazy, tantalizing smoky aroma. And a dip in that sauce made everything taste better too.

A generous pile of the chopped pork was satisfying, with bits of fat here and there.

The second one had pulled lamb, hot links, and pork ribs - pickles and slaw on the side.

For two #2 - pulled lamb, hot links, and pork ribs

While I can't really say anything about the pulled lamb as I am one to avoid lamb wherever I go, others seem to devour it quickly. The hot link ticked all the right boxes for me - juicy, spicy, with adequate amount of fat and seasoning throughout.

The ribs were fought over for - fingers of tender, smoky pork with burnt and caramelized ends. So good.

Pork ribs

All the sides were welcomed accessories for the meal - sour pickles, creamy slaw, rich mac n cheese, and spiced bacon beans.

Mac n cheese and bacon beans

Slaw and pickles

Bring on the meat sweat, I say.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,700



92 Enmore Rd
Enmore, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9517 1243 

Web: Bovine & Swine BBQ 

Bovine and Swine Barbecue Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Butter, Surry Hills

Fried chicken and butter, baby.
Butter feast


Butter put the word 'rich' in fried chicken realm of Sydney, quite literally. The dim-lighted restaurant looks like a shoe store at first with sneakers on display, but it really is mostly about their to-die-for fried chicken.

Butter interior

The dining area is decorated with cheeky posters of girls eating fried chicken (what's sexier than that??), butter-shaped light, and high stools and tables. Ordering at the bar, which also offers a good deal of drinks options. I went straight to a personal favourite, the tangy & sweet Young Henry's cider.

Butter light

Between the three of us, we divided two 3 pacs, which included 1 thigh piece, 2 tenders, with a side of slaw. The sauce spiciness levels offered range from the mildly spicy OG, then fire, and hot AF. You can also get your fried chicken naked, or served with the sauce on the side.

3 pac - 1 thigh piece, 2 tenders, a side of slaw - $16

I sacrificed my curiosity of the hot AF and settled happily with the OG due to other's (*cough* Anna *cough*) chili tolerance level. The OG did pack spicy blows that excited the tastebuds, but not enough to make us sweat.

The chicken though.

Every single one of them was cloaked with an utterly crispy and crunchy batter, which had perfect level of seasoning. The chicken inside was incredibly tender and dripping with juice as soon as sliced by a knife.

And the hot sauce just made every bite even more sublime.

The tender

The chicken sandwich was almost literally dripping with butter. These guys are serious about their butter, you guys.

The gorgeous piece of bird with crisp coat was equally as tender and juicy as the tenders and thigh piece, but it was the generous slather of dashi butter on the buns which was umami and flavoursome that almost made my toes curl with pleasure. The pickles were a good touch to cut through the richness.

The chicken sandwich - $16

We also had the dainty, salty laces (fries) and the miso corny for sides. The miso corn alone made the restaurant worth a visit, with delicious, rich miso butter on sweet kernels of corn. One is not enough. I repeat, one is NEVER gonna be enough.

Miso corny ($4 ea) and laces ($5)

Fried chicken and butter; what else would we need in life?

Butter ceiling poster


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,700



6 Hunt St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 8283 1329

Web: Butter Sydney

Butter Sydney Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Monday, 9 May 2016

5 Food to Eat in Bali - Bali Recap 2016

So much food, so little time.

That's pretty much sums up my short 8-days holiday in Bali with the guy. We did heaps of stuff, many beaches were visited and enjoyed, and we got back with two Bali bellies and sunburnt bodies. I never thought I can ever get sunburn before.

This is such an overdue post; first post of 2016 nevertheless! I thought I'll start with recapping my holiday trips so I won't forget the details.

We did have a lot of food. I have my food itinerary two pages long but unfortunately we could only complete half of it. We got to try the dishes on the top of the list though, and I reckon these are the five top Bali dishes that are a truly must-try when you visit this tourist-ladened island.

1. Nasi guling babi (suckling pig rice)

Oh guys, seriously. Can't go to Bali without eating at least one plate of suckling pig rice. The most popular one is Babi Guling Bu Oka, but this time we tried Babi Guling Pak Dobiel.

Swine cooked various ways is served on the plate. Braised pig, fried pig, and the golden crown of pig crackling on the top. What makes it amazing is also the spicy vegetables, the full-of-flavour sauce, and the warm pig soup. It made us sweat for sure, which makes it such an amazing experience. Gimme suckling pig rice on the side of the road anytime instead of fine dining.

Nasi guling babi from Babi Guling Pak Dobiel



Jln. Srikandi No. 9, Nusa Dua
Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Phone: +62 361 771633

2. Nasi campur Bali (Balinese rice with mixed side dishes)

It's basically rice served with 1001 side dishes, ranging from spicy vegetables, fried meat, braised meat, peanuts, prawn crackers, and so on. The tale says that Nasi Campur Bu Weti is the best, but I reckon I'd my share of nasi campur on this trip.

The dish itself is popular due to the amazing myriad of textures and flavours. You got all you need in one plate, plus more. Nasi campur Bali I had at Biku was pretty good; served with sate lilit Bali, which is pretty much Balinese fish satay. Biku is also a must-visit due to its interesting Asian high tea menu. The teas were pretty legit too.

However, I must say that the best nasi campur I had on this trip was the one I failed to take photo of. It was 10 pm at night and it was just a random street vendor in Kuta. But man oh man, nothing beats street food for me. Maybe not the most hygienic, but super tasty and cheap as hell.

Nasi campur Bali from a random vendor in Seminyak

Nasi campur Bali from Biku (rice with two types of vegetables, spicy shredded chicken, spicy egg, beef rendang, satay lilit chicken and tofu & tempe

Pina colada from Biku

Biku Blend iced tea - star fruit, mint, fresh wild ginger flower



Jln. Petitenget No. 888, Seminyak
Kuta Utara, Bali

Phone: +628 5100570888

3. Bebek Bengil ("Dirty Duck"; fried duck)

Lets waste no time, go to the original crispy duck diner, Bebek Bengil, which has opened its kitchen since 1990. They serve various kinds of birds as well as Western food, but it's the duck that you really want to pay for.

A portion will include half a duck, fried until incredibly crispy, rice, Balinese salad (plecing kangkung), a couple of different sambal (chilli sauce) and a slice of watermelon. Don't ask, I still have no idea why there's a slice of watermelon on the side. It is a great palate cleanser though.

Everything works in harmony, but the duck remains as the highlight. Tender and amazingly tasty meat with crispy jacket, best dipped in the spicy condiments.

Crispy duck set from Bebek Bengil



Jln. Hanoman, Padang Tegal, Ubud
Gianyar, Bali

Phone: +62 361 975489

4. Ayam Betutu Bali 

It's basically steamed or roasted chicken, with lots and lots of seasonings and spices. It's surrounded by its loyal sides; plecing kangkung, fried peanuts, and sambal (chili sauce/paste).

The meat just falls of the bone. It's tender, juicy, and unbelievably rich with fragrant spices that wake your taste buds up. The steamed option is covered by abundant yellow sauce that's made of chili, garlic, onion, turmeric, and ginger, among others.

The fried option is simpler but still packed with exploding flavours.

Steamed ayam betutu

Fried ayam betutu

Plecing kangkung - spicy steamed water spinach, with fried peanuts and onions

Sate lilit - Balinese minced fish satays



Jln. Raya Tuban No. 2X, Kuta
Kabupaten Kuta, Bali

Phone: +62 361 757535


5. Seafood feast on Jimbaran Beach

The seafood restaurants along Jimbaran Beach are good places to taste an unique eating experience. You are seated literally on the beach, next to the crashing waves and shores with pretty night lights. The role of the game is that you choose your seafood on the front counter, who will weigh your choice of fish, crab, prawns, mussels, etc and recommend ways to cook them.

My personal recommendations are the crispy battered calamari, grilled ayam-ayam fish, and crab in spicy Padang sauce. 

It is probably not the best seafood dishes I've ever had, but it is something I never miss everytime I visit Bali. It's not cheap either (around $100 for 2), but I reckon it's worth it.

Seafood feast on the beach


All along Jimbaran Beach at night (after 6 pm)

.... bear with me. I just really have to mention this one.

6. Civet coffee

Dubbed as one of the most expensive type of coffee in the world, civet coffee is literally coffee made from civet's sh*t. The civets are fed raw coffee beans, and then the beans are harvested from their excrement. The beans used are robusta and arabica, hand picked and hand roasted.

In Bali Pulina civet coffee farm, they show you the process to make the coffee, from the raw coffee fruit/beans to the civets to the harvesting and roasting processes. The place itself is very relaxing, overlooking rice paddy view which is very popular with tourists.

By ordering a cup of the coffee, described as simply bitter by the guy, we got a plate of fried sweet potato sticks, and 8 mini cups of their other coffee and tea products. My personal favourite is the vanilla coffee, which is sweet with vivid vanilla hint.

Civet coffee



Br Pujang Kelod Desa Sebatu, Kecamatan Tegalalang

Phone: +62 878 6224 0233


Ah, can't wait for another trip to Bali!

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