Monday, 20 June 2016

Wild Pear Cafe, Dural

It is not as wild as it sounds.
Ricotta & rhubard brulee tart from Wild Pear Cafe

But Wild Pear Cafe in Dural is pretty tasty.

The little yet well-known cafe is located among orchards and nurseries in the lovely environment of Dural, and next to it is a colourful pots shop that almost distracts us from the reason we were there. The interior is nicely designed, with homey ambiance and friendly service.

We were seated on the veranda, which has great nursery view and even more relaxed vibe.


We started off with drinks; while I did not try the guy's cappuccino, my chai tea was fragrant and warming in that particular windy day.


Chai tea

I was skeptic of the chicken quinoa salad, mostly because I can't even pronounce quinoa, but it came onto the table looking marvelous with the bright colours. The plate contains a lot of bursts of spicy flavour, which I suspect come from ras el hanout, a spice mix originated from North Africa. The dish is well balanced and the tender, smoky chicken is another bonus.

Chicken quinoa salad (with beetroot, ras el hanout, currants, pine nuts, yoghurt & pomegranate dressing) - $23.9

This is very unexpected, but my beef burger is sadly less exciting. There are melted cheese and bacon, which are two main things needed in a burger, but unfortunately the bun as well as the patty is slightly too dry to my liking, and even the tasty onion relish and mustard cannot do much for them.

Chunky chips served in a mini deep-frying basket, however, are always a welcomed sight.

Beef burger (with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion relish, mustard aioli, and chips) - $21.9

Their dessert realm is on another whole new level though. The dessert menu seems to change regularly judging from their Instagram page, although some items such as the Turkish delight smashed pavlova appears more often.

That day we settled on the ricotta & rhubarb brulee tart with thyme syrup, meringue, ice cream, and fresh figs. 

Ricotta & rhubarb brulee tart with fresh figs, meringue, thyme syrup, and ice cream

Not only it is picturesque, it gains strong points for taste too. The pastry is short, a perfect vehicle for the creamy, tangy filling of ricotta & rhubarb. Satisfactory crack comes from the torched sugar layer on top, and the syrup adds more sweetness with delicious aroma.

The plump and juicy fresh figs are also an absolute winner, and they are sourced from local farms.


Great nurseries, farms, and killer views - and now that we have discovered good cafes; Dural may have gained a new regular visitor.


Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Great dessert, nice selection of dishes, service is attentive, price is OK, ambiance is great with lovely environment.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,200



658 Old Northern Rd
Dural NSW 2158

Phone: (02) 9651 6600

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Monday, 6 June 2016

Lazy Suzie, Darlinghurst

Devon's sister in town, ladies & gentlemen.
Lobster thermidor spring roll

Following the success of the popular Devon Cafe and Devon on Danks, Lazy Suzie is the lastest establishment by Chef Zachary Tan.

Don't expect miso salmon with perfectly toasted sourdough here or the brioche toast garden; Lazy Suzie will make your tastebuds happy with hawker-style Malaysian food such as char kway tiao, pie tee, and nasi lemak.

The interior is incredibly comfy, switching from a bright rustic setting during day time to a romantic and intimate atmosphere after the sun sets.


They have selections of wacky cocktails with Asian herbs influence, such as pandan, galangal, and lemongrass. That particular chilly day, however, I went for a milky and fragrant masala chai.

Masala chai

Lobster thermidor is slightly on the steep side in terms of the pricing, but the price is almost forgotten with one bite to the extremely crunchy roll with creamy, runny, piping hot innards with gorgeous lobster pieces.

Lobster thermidor spring roll with yuzu mayo - $6 ea

The pie tee are delicate pastry vessels packed with tasty shitake mushrooms, yam bean, and carrots, with a crown of dainty mud crab meat. They are delightful, crispy mouthfuls.

Pie tee (pastry cups filled with braised shitake, yam bean, carrots, and mud crab) - $16

The kerabu chicken salad will probably be not my first choice from the menu, but it has nice fresh ingredients and precious morsels of crispy chicken skin.

Kerabu chicken salad (poached chicken, crispy skin, green papaya, calamansi, herbs) - $19

Char koay teow is my favourite Penang dish ever, and Lazy Suzie has this one sorted. Two options available from the menu; standard and supreme. The latter offers more types of seafood: scallop, crab, and duck egg.

The price tag sure is not cheap, but at the end of the day, I am a happy customer with this one plate. The myriad of seafood is quite gratifying, especially those plump, big prawns. The wok hei is definitely in play, and it is seasoned well too. Bites of lap cheong (Chinese pork sausage) adds lip-smacking fatty, sweet bites.

Penang char koay teow (supreme - with scallops, prawns, crab) - $25

Their nasi lemak, however, is not the best I have eaten. The plate is circled by beef rendang, cucumber slices, boiled egg, and crunchy anchovies. While the sambal (chili paste) on top packs punches, the beef rendang sauce lacks depth of flavour that I know and love from my family's beef rendang. The beef itself is ridiculously tender, and the crispy fish and bouncy egg create textural contrast.

Nasi lemak with beef rendang - $18

The crispy pig tails with bak kut teh glaze look marvelous with glossy, sticky outer, although the glaze reduces the crispiness of the main star of the dish. It is a delicious dish, still, with a balance of sweet and salty.

Crispy pig tails (with sticky bak kut teh glaze) - $19

It seems that restaurants in Sydney is constantly trying to come up with desserts that are Instagram-worthy, and Lazy Suzie's is sure among the top ones. The ABC screams Asian flavours with taro ice cream, sweet blue pea syrup (that gives it the blue tint), and bubur cha cha (creamy Penang dessert involving jelly cubes, sago pearls, taro pieces, and kolang kaling or palm fruit). My favourite part is the milky and smooth taro ice cream.

All in all, it is a refreshing, icy dessert with interesting textural elements.

ABC (shaved ice, blue pea flower syrup, bubur cha cha, taro ice cream) - $14

On another occasion, I enjoyed the dreamy setting at dinner time.

Table candle

Aunty Yulia's beef short ribs are exactly as divine as the ones I tried at Devon at Night. Incredibly tender and juicy beef full of flavours screaming for attention, accompanied by flaky roti.

Aunty Yulia's beef short ribs - $19

Roti - $3.5

To be absolutely honest, yes, Lazy Suzie will not be the cheapest meal you have. But really, a bite of the spring roll and a spoonful of the char koay teow will help you feel better about it.


Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good Penang dishes with pretty dessert, price is slightly on the higher side, really great atmosphere and setting, good service.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,200



78 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst
NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 7901 0396

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bovine & Swine BBQ, Enmore

Meat, meat, and more meat.
Meat plate from Bovine & Swine

A bit of mac & cheese, but more meat please. Bovine and Swine BBQ Co. joins the bustling Enmore Rd lines of restaurants, and they sure have their own loyal fans, judging from the crowded queue, especially on weekends.

The four of us went on a Wednesday night, and although it was not as busy, there were always customers coming in constantly. There are not that many seats, the room's mostly occupied by the kitchen area, where owners Anton Hughes and Wes Griffiths play with their slow burner. The meat here is barbecued using ironbark, native Australian hardwood.

Bovine & Swine signage

Oh hello!

The counter is not only for ordering, but also to watch Anton cut and weigh the meat. My eyes were filled with lust for the meat, especially after he kindly cut little burnt ends from the brisket and gave it to us. Bless.
Anton chopping up pork

Four people meant that we could try everything on the menu. The meat plates are definitely recommended for big eaters or group; 'for one' gives you 2x200g meat and 1 side, while 'for two' puts 3x200g meat and 2 sides on the plate.

So we did try almost everything.

The first meat plate for two had chicken, brisket, and chopped pork, surrounded by mac n cheese, bacon beans, a handful of potato chips, and a little bowl of Carolina sauce (homemade BBQ sauce) which was the bomb. It just worked extremely perfect for every kind of meat that we tried. It was spicy, sour, and sweet. 

For two #1 - chicken, brisket, chopped pork with mac n cheese & bacon beans

The brisket was definitely a favourite. Tender and juicy, smoky meat with ribbons of fat inside that just melted in your mouth. Winner.


The chicken was slightly dry to our liking, but it still has this crazy, tantalizing smoky aroma. And a dip in that sauce made everything taste better too.

A generous pile of the chopped pork was satisfying, with bits of fat here and there.

The second one had pulled lamb, hot links, and pork ribs - pickles and slaw on the side.

For two #2 - pulled lamb, hot links, and pork ribs

While I can't really say anything about the pulled lamb as I am one to avoid lamb wherever I go, others seem to devour it quickly. The hot link ticked all the right boxes for me - juicy, spicy, with adequate amount of fat and seasoning throughout.

The ribs were fought over for - fingers of tender, smoky pork with burnt and caramelized ends. So good.

Pork ribs

All the sides were welcomed accessories for the meal - sour pickles, creamy slaw, rich mac n cheese, and spiced bacon beans.

Mac n cheese and bacon beans

Slaw and pickles

Bring on the meat sweat, I say.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,700



92 Enmore Rd
Enmore, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9517 1243 

Web: Bovine & Swine BBQ 

Bovine and Swine Barbecue Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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