Friday, 10 February 2017

Ume Burger & Belle's Hot Chicken, Barangaroo

Burgers, beer, fried chicken.
Burgers from Ume Burger

... which equals to comfort food. Really, what's better than eating burger & fried chicken with a side of ice cold beer in these days' silly weather?

Barangaroo Reserve is a relatively new place-to-be nowadays, with multiple restaurants, cafes, and dessert spots. Plus, the transparent ball pool. Have you been there?

With too many options to choose from, the guy & I chose the two I was most keen on, starting on Ume Burger.

Ume Burger @ Barangaroo

It was a warm summer day, so what's better than to start the day with an icy cold Asahi and a sweet, very tasty umeshu.

Asahi (on tap) & umeshu (plum wine)

Their signature is the Ume Burger - with a soft and slightly sweet bun and juicy patty. Even juicier with that luscious wagyu mince sauce.

Ume Burger - signature beef patty, wagyu mince sauce, truss tomato, onion, mayo & American cheese ($14.6)

Pork katsu caught my attention right away, and it did not disappoint. Menchi burger ha da crunchy & succulent pork katsu, with an interesting tang of the mustard. I would probably like more sauce, but generally a great burger.

Menchi Burger - handmade pork katsu, mild mustard, tonkatsu sauce, spanish onion, shredded cabbage ($14.8)


This was the reason why we did not get fries from Ume Burger: fried chicken.

How could we miss Belle's Hot Chicken?

Still as good as I remembered: perfectly crispy batter, juicy meat, coated thoroughly with that lip-burning hot sauce. Cannot. Stop. Eating.

Wings from Belle's Hot Chicken with hot sauce ($18)

What's next to try?


I can't really give a rating as it is not exactly a restaurant setting - and we only tried 1 or 2  items from each.



33 Barangaroo Avenue
Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo Reserve
Sydney NSW 2000

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Superior Burger, Wakeley

Superior Burger from Superior Burger

Finally. A legit burger place in Sydney South West. Believe me, before Superior Burger opens, I don't even know the suburb of Wakeley exists in NSW.

Jovan Curic from Pub Life Kitchen, thank you for your brilliant idea.

Superior Burger is only a small spot in the middle of a shopping centre in Wakeley, but it is always packed in the evening, especially on the weekends. 'The Best in The West ' fluorescent sign is probably the first thing you see, along with an open kitchen that show off the burger line production.

"Best in the West"

Of course I had to try the burger they name the place of. Superior Burger have two most superior parts: the soft, slightly sweet buns and the tender, medium-cooked patty. A wee bit dry that day maybe, but it is a simple yet great burger.

Superior Burger - beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce, superior sauce, pickles ($15)

The Bird has this magnificent cut of the chicken - golden, dripping with juice, flavorful batter. The other ingredients give freshness and creaminess on every bite.

The Bird - fried chicken, tomato, cheese, slaw, jalapeno mayo ($15)

I tried Magic Shroom purely for research and I kinda wish I didn't. The juicy, thick mushroom is pretty good, but kinda lacking in the flavour department compared to the other burger siblings. Very filling, though.

Magic Shroom - confit field mushroom, cheese, slaw, mayo smoked BBQ ($15)

The chips are thin, heavily seasoned, and 100% moreish. Also extra point because they come in paper bag.

Chips - $4

The fried chicken is more than legit. It is something. Like, you cannot miss it.

The blistering jacket is probably slightly too salty for some, but surely not for me. It is very crunchy, with succulent meat inside. The pickles are there to help cut through the saltiness.

Fried chicken & pickles - $8

Hot n sticky wings sounds very exciting, but I found the sauce a little bit too sweet. They are perfect size, however, and great company for the burgers.

Hot n sticky wings (4) - $10

I am forever grateful that a great burger place like this open so close to home.


Rating: 3.5/5 (Very worth the try)
Good burgers, quick service, great ambiance, pricing is on the spot.



5/30 Bulls Rd
Wakeley, NSW 2176

Superior Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Saint Peter, Paddington

There are many fish in the sea.
Portobello mushroom & wild black lip abalone on toast ($24)

Less now that Saint Peter has made the most out of them. Them, and other seafood too.

Chef Niland is the helmet of this restaurant, and he is super serious about his seafood. The menu changes daily here, as you can't predict what the sea will give you on day to day basis. Fresh fish is guaranteed, along with great preparation and pairing of each dish.

Saint Peter interior


The girls and I went for dinner and we started with ciders and this pretty and refreshing rose geranium and lime soda.

Soda of rose geranium & lime ($8)

The menu is good for sharing, and so we went all in. It is sectioned to entrees, mains, and desserts, with some sides to share.

Our first two entrees were out of this world - the portobello mushroom and black lip abalone on toast (first pic) was ridiculously delicious with juicy 'shrooms and abalone, with butter-doused crispy sourdough. Ridiculously delicious.

The fried Hawkesbury river school prawns with aioli and lemon were the perfect snacks while gossiping and trying to catch up on the girls' lives. They were salty, crispy, and the flesh had a lovely sweet tinge. They might poke your tongue and gum, but totally worth it.

Fried Hawkesburry river school prawns and lemon ($18)

Petuna ocean trout rillettes came as pretty as a picture, with discs of radish put together to resemble scales. Each mouthful was sweet, flavoursome, soft, and the slightly bitter radish leaves made a great vessel.

Petuna ocean trout rillettes, radish, and almonds ($18)

You know the rubber texture that usually comes with your fried calamari in pubs, like the one that comes from frozen calamari?

Yeah, none of that on the plate of grilled Flinders Island line-caught calamari with celtuce and ink sauce. The calamari was supple, and the burst of freshness from celtuce and delectable ink sauce were a winning combination.

Grilled Flinders Island line caught calamari, celtuce, and ink sauce ($26)

Now here came the mains. Three mains for four people with three sides - I think we did well.

The Eden wild kingfish was beautiful with sweet flesh cooked to perfection and the slightly crispy and salty coat. The aioli was lovely too.

Eden wild kingfish, rolled chard leaves, and fennel ($39)

Kiama John Dory had more to offer with plump tomatoes and fragrant roast garlic, with the fish itself having springy meat and none of the fishy smell.

Kiama John Dory, heritage tomatoes, marjoram and roast garlic ($36)

Nelson Bay broadbill (swordfish) was the least appealing among the three but boy, the flavours just could not lie. It was almost like eating a piece of chicken - the fish flesh was so meaty and juicy, and the tangy sauce made it so moreish.

Nelson Bay broadbill (swordfish) and 'Zuni pickled' golden zucchini ($36)

Our sides were demolished easily with the fat chips, the super crunchy and satisfying onion rings, and we also had a side of charcoal grilled green asparagus and radish (not pictured) that had a bit too much of the burnt taste and wilt asparagus.

Chips ($10)

Salt & vinegar onion rings ($10)

I was a little bit disappointed to find out that the dessert menu does not have a solid chocolate dessert on, but our final choices couldn't be better.

The coconut and vanilla cake with Kensignton mango and lime was my clear favourite, with super spongy cake with creamy aftertaste, sweet and juicy mango slices, and sweet lime juice. YUUUUUMMMMMMM.

Coconut & vanilla cake, kensington mango & lime ($16)

Their lemon and passionfruit tart was the recommendation and the signature of Chef Niland. Although the others were absolutely in love with this, I found the combination of lemon & passionfruit slightly too sour to my liking. The custard however was very smooth, and the pastry was impeccable.

Lemon & passionfruit tart ($16)

My only regret is that the sea urchin crumpet is only available on brunch and not on dinner. Oh well. Definitely still on the hit-list!


Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great menu and seafood items, price is on the high side but the quality is real, service is OK, ambiance is cosy & comfortable.



362 Oxfort St
Paddington, Sydney
NSW 2021

Phone: (02) 8937 2530
Web: Saint Peter

Saint Peter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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